Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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    When I lived back east (Atlantic Canada), there was this CO. His name was Michael Lebid or something like that.

    He had lived in Newfoundland, then moved to a different part of the Maritimes (term used in Canada).

    He was originally from some other part of Canada, but while being in Newfoundland, he picked up the Newfoundland accent, which was endearing to be quite frank. He was a sweetheart.

    His wife, whom may have been half his age, was a real p.i.t.a. (pain in the ass). That is the twist to things I was mentioning in my title. The CO was pleasant, his wife: ugh! a bit precious and self-important.

    A real no-fun, critic, fault-finder.

    IF (you) the wife (present/former) of M.L. are reading this: it's true...you were no goddamn fun and carried an attitude of a self-induced righteousness that irked me. I found no solace in your presence, ever!

    There done, got that off my chest.

  • aunthill

    Brother Brown, back in the 70's. Told us how reading Readers Digest was a big time waster (I was under the misapprehension we were supposed to keep up on worldly events, and found Readers Digest a painless way to do that - didn't have time to read the paper every day). He also went on a rant about how women shouldn't wear trousers with a zipper in the front, because we don't have the proper "plumbing!" No matter that it's a heck of a lot easier to reach!

    I liked Misterfeldt, too. Again, back in the 70's he emphasized reading the Bible, if you didn't have time for anything else (WT, bookstudy book, etc.) READ THE BIBLE - emphasized that about 3 times one service meeting. Seemed to be a reasonable man. Another I liked was Paul Sakela, very down to earth.

    Lost track after that, there seemed to be a different one every time one came around.

  • worf

    George Black. May the bastard burn in his own hell.


  • minimus

    Any CO and Wives from Mass. or NH that you didn't like???

  • Thechickennest

    Timothy Bland. He was divorced and working a curcuit that included North Dakota. He and my sister-in-law who was at least 30 years younger than he was had a thing going. She was not even 20 years old at the time. She played that middle-aged brother like a fiddle. It was sad indeed. He was a real jerk. He once related to a car group I was in how he slapped around a young publisher who he deemed was acting up in his car. Also he no patience for ones suffering from depression. He was a real cowboy for lording his opinions over everybody. He so pissed me off, it was really the start of the end of my 25 year association with the borg. He gave my mother-in-law some of the most lame advice. He had her leave her husband really with out any good cause, only that he was disfellowshipped in the 60's for smoking. He should have never been turned loose on the flock.

  • rocketman

    This thread just goes to show, among other things, just what kind of men, for the most part, are considered the 'cream of the crop' in the organization. It breeds pompous windbags.

  • minimus

    Harry Mitani was a CO that was not well liked. "Butch" Ross was a wealthy CO that left to start his own business with insurance. He worked with the Society, I believe. John Casino was regarded by most as an asshole, although I liked him. His wife was deeply hated by the sisters because criticized everyone's weight.

  • avishai
    Avishai, what were you doing in this clowns sock drawer???? Busted! Maverick P.S. Was he straight?

    "Sniff, why looking for some socks to borrow of course" I dunno, he was awful weird, lived w/ his mom his whole life, but all the smut was girlie oriented.

  • david_10

    Brother Bradshaw. I can't remember his first name. He was a mean bastard. His demeanor during the servant's meetings can only be described as that of an NFL coach chewing out his players at half-time. I half-expected him to pick up a chair and slam it into the wall. Everyone would come out of those meetings all stooped over and looking at the floor. Totally deflated.


  • searchfothetruth

    You won't believe the Overseer that I had the misfortune to encounter when I was living in the North of Scotland.

    We had been told before he came that he had just come back from circuit work in South America, so, of course we were expecting a very spiritual brother etc.

    What a shock to the system he was.

    He was staying at the PO's house and the PO woke up in the middle of the night and heard noices. He went down to the kitchen and the overseer was cooking the pork chops that the PO's wife had bought for the next nights tea. Seems he just helped himself when he felt like.

    I had arranged to have him and his wife to dinner on the Saturday afternoon after the ministry so I could talk to him about some problems I was having with one of the elders (stealing of me)

    He was a big fat guy and he wolfed down his dinner. When his we were still eating he stood up and said to his wife, who was also still eating that they had to go. She asked why and he said because the England rugby game started in 30 mins and he had to go and buy some beer.

    I kid you not.

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