Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • logansrun

    There were good ones and bad ones. Robert DeBerrey was cool; he even laughed at the fact his pioneer JW mom watched a rated R movie ("There's Something About Mary"). He would say weird things to people like, "good luck." Won't be long till he's kicked out, I'm sure.

    Chester Ruch, on the other hand, is about the most kermudgeny (hope I spelled that right) old fart I've ever met. After 9/11 he gave a special talk he worked up on his own stating how bloody the battle against Christendom would be (of 9/11 he stated, I quote, "You ain't seen nothin' yet."). I heard he told all the pionners at their pio-meetings that it was wrong to watch R-rated movies even if they were edited for public television. I could go on and on...


  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Most I knew where sincere and caring. One came across as cold, he didn't give the publishers the time of day, he only had a real conversation with you if you were an elder, servant or Reg. pioneer. The district overseer was really full of self importance. He would pray for, had to be 5-8 min's all about 'Jehovah, please bless the pioneers, elders, all CO's, Bethalites, then he'd mention his wife by name and how supportive she is of him while he slaves for the congregation!' I used to sit down during his long winded prayers, I hated when he'd strut to the podium. I kept thinking, why can't he mention the widow? the single parents? those suffering in some way? My favorite CO was ancient and he'd fall asleep everywhere. He doozed off during the meetings, had long pauses between thoughts while giving talks. The best was when he nodded off in pioneer school, he was snoring on stage, I wanted to laugh so badly but I supressed that natural impusle like everything else. It's great to be free:) - Victorian Sky

  • Pleasuredome

    anyone know of Ray Shar, C.O. formerly of south yorkshire? what a smarmy git he was.

  • nightwarrior

    NW has just remembered the ****head's name Richard Cullen. he was one smarmy, slimy, human being. YUK where is the sick bucket.

    He use to like to flaunt his rich friends..... talk about greasing the palm, he kept quiet about so many things he should be struck down by a bolt of lightening.

    Mrs NW

  • TresHappy

    I remember Don Farmer. Big Tex, I heard the rumor that he went out in service one time and this little yappy dog was barking his head off at him and he knocked the dog with his bookbag and killed the little dog. Don't know if that's another urban legend.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Chester Ruch?? I'd heard that he was seriously ill and I'd hoped that $OB had died.

    Warren Reese caring?? I guess I can see that, ol' Warren always had a pretty high opinion of himself but at least he had worked for a living.

    There's a guy named Misterfeldt that I like, he is one of the few that possesses the quality of humility.

  • Bendrr

    Antrim Smith. Self-righteous, two-faced, and backstabbing. Told me once how I was on the fast-track to M.S. then told a couple of elders I was on my way out of the troof. One of his popular "stories" that he told at all the congregations he served was how he was in service with a young reg. pio. sister and a case of cassettes slid out from under her car's seat in service. Then came his denunciation of her worldly music and basically of her. I happened to know this sister personally (Hi Amanda, if you're lurking here that is) and what really happened was that he dug the case out from under the seat and snooped through it. If memory serves, he actually had to pick the lock to open it. Needless to say I made sure that the true story got out during his visit and also that those in his next congregation heard it in advance.

    Maybe that's why he didn't like me too much.


  • Maverick

    Clayton Peace, what a pompous weasel he is! This guy had one unifying quality, he was disliked by everyone. Six foot eight, mid-western pile of dog s--t! Told me he would not recomend me to be an Elder because I had a mustache and wore cowboy boots! I looked up at him and pointed at my spotless, polished Justins and told him at least my foot gear were clean, not dirty and scuffed and looking like I stole then off the back of a car with 'Just Married' soaped on the back window! He turned beet red and walked off and never spoke to me again! He never did clean his shoes, he'd have been on guard duty his whole hitch in the military. Maverick

  • avishai

    Anyone heard of Earl Pulaski? Strange guy, I only met him after he was a CO and doing what looked like the "slow fade". I did'nt dislike him, But he was an odd duck. Helped house sit for him in Hawaii when I was a 13 year old kid. Found a bunch of porno mags stashed in his sock drawer. Score!!!!!

  • Maverick

    Avishai, what were you doing in this clowns sock drawer???? Busted! Maverick P.S. Was he straight?

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