Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • ozziepost

    Has anyone stopped to consider that one, or even some, of these gents is now a lurker, or even a poster on JWD?

    That having been said, these reflections and reminiscences bring back to mind the nightmare existence of an elder. I'm sure that's how it is for many elders and C.O.'s, an absolute nightmare. How good to have woken up! How good to be free!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • SheilaM

    Missouri congregation Bernie (BOOM BOOM) BOYCE

  • gitasatsangha

    I can't say I could'nt stand any of them. Some that stood out were Steelman, who was something of a charicature, but not realy unlikable to a small child anyway. Homolka was just old and tired, but everyone seemed to especially like him. We had this one CO The elders actually did not like, because he towed this gigantic RV with him. He didn't like staying in the friends homes (who can blame him), and so he took his home with him. It took up a lot of space in the parking lot, and that bothered some. I cant remember his name, but his wife was named Virginia. Odd what you will remember. Rex Carny was just a long winded career beurocrat.

    But by far the most controversial CO we had was Jesse Cantwell. No one knew what to think of him. He was apparently pretty well placed because he could basically do what he wanted. There was no manuscript or outline for this guy, it was from the hip. He openly called a previous CO a "Hatchet Man" for closing down a congregation that was having some internal squabbles. He did this from the platform, which was extremely cool, really. At the same time he was brusk and down to earth.

    I still think with a critical mass of Jesse Cantwell's something positive could have happened to the JW's. Not that its worth saving, IMHO.

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    Nina, or someone from

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    So I try again.

    Nina, or someone from

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    Last attempt

    Nina, or someone from

  • kilroy2

    when I lived in arcadia fla. there was a c.o. that would pull in the parking lot with his 20,000 dollar travel trailor and his 18,000 dollar suburban [that the cong. would pay for. ] and he would boast that he banked 30k a year being a c.o. The thing that pisses me off most about c.os is how the rank and file bust a leg to get over and shake thair hand and ask " would you have dinner at our house ohhh pleeez" I can still remember seeing a sister that we had went to see whos husband had died a year earlier, she started crying and said she was so glad to see some of the friends as no one had visited her since the death of her husband. but the numbskuls would rather stick thair nose up a c.o s ass than help a person in need. that tells you the whole story. it is politics clear and simple. hand jobs and ass licking what ever it takes to get to the top. I had one elder tell me [just after he was a made man [elder]] that he was now on the top of the heap. and how it helped him to get thair by him being so humble and that was why god selected him. btw did any of you guys know they dont let this out to the rank and file much but the teaching is that men do not pick m.s. elders c.os d.os. ect. but god pickes them. I used to joke around with my old partner who was an elder , so did god have a hand come down and touch your head or was thair some kind of sign? How does god exatly pick you. I would then bring up the wt. artical about the east german stazi agent [same as gestopo excpt commie] that went in to the witness work as a mole. worked his way up to c.o. and was struck by lightning. I would say so god picked a mole than took him out why did he pick a mole in the first place. he would answer that he must have had good in his hart in the begining. what carp you cant win with dumbasses

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    ANTRIM SMITH. Pompous, judgmental, PHARISAICAL, bastard summbitch. Never in my years have I seen such a twisted, ego-inflated, spiritual bad-cop. Took delight in removing whole bodies of elders for the simple reason that they refused to kiss the ground he walked on. He once removed a whole body of elders at the adjoining congregation then lambasted them for not contributing monies toward his c.o. expenses spinning it as if it was an affront against God. I've never seen someone come in and deflate the mood of a whole circuit like he did. I've never seen someone discourage such a wide spectrum of the friends from elders, ms, pioneers to the everyday joe-schmoe publisher. Once removed an elder because he thought he had one of his radio stations preset to an urban/hip hop music station.

    Sometimes in cases like that, the c.o.'s wife kind of balances it out by being nice and approachable, but there was no redeeming quality about his wife. She was just as evil, anti-social as he was/is. He is currently terrorizing a circuit down in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • tazmaniac

    I dont remember the chaps name but he was CO in florida area for quite a while. Once on the Wednesday service meeting he gets up to the platform and announces that he sent his letter in to the society and was being removed as a CO. He was in an on going affair with a publisher who had fallen away. The PO just got up and went into the service meeting that would normally have take place that night. It was quite shocking to say the least. Many in the cong loved going out in service with him because he had a keen wit and could turn almost any situation at the door into something of a positive nature. Does anyone remember this or the name of the CO ??

  • nowisee


    i remember jesse cantwell too. he is probably the first co name in my memory -- i was just a little girl.

    i do remember that my father thought highly of him. i remember enthusiastic handshakes and big smiles.

    another name that comes to mind is george couch. seems to me i read something recently somewhere along the line about him. is he very in or very out of wts??

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