Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • minimus

    I know this has been discussed before but I think a fresh thread on this will be enjoyable.

  • rocketman

    I could tolerate them all, but "tolerate" is the key word. Each one had his own little "thing". One was too weird about Phallic symbols, and his wife was hung up on stuff like watching out for the designs on paper towels, of all things. This same CO would spend a half hour at the elders/servants meeting updating us on the goings-on at headquarters....like we friggin' cared.

    Another one went about deleting a friend of mine who was an MS because he had low service hours. The thing is, that body of elders never even was given a chance to work with him to improve his time. He was deleted just like that. That CO seemed very full of himself.

    And another one seemed okay, but he was very hung up on procedural stuff and congregational accounting - very precise about the way things needed to be done. Our accounts servant was flabbergasted.

  • Hamas

    Will Heath from Leicester circuit.

    He was an ignorant git and laughed like Mutely. Yet another C/O and wife that were so clearly up their own backsides it was unbelievable.

    C/O's were meant to encourage the flock, yet they just always seemed to hang around with the other well to do Witness families, just to 'keep in' with the 'in' crowd.

    Do you remember how people used to suck up to them ALL THE TIME ?

  • betweenworlds

    Howard Stockham ..... 100% company man through and through.

  • nowisee

    no, not really.

    actually i liked most of them, some more than others.

    joe codespoti was a ticket as well as his wife. i remember she threw someone's cat into a swimming pool saying, "oh....cats LOVE the water....!"

    the one i thought was a little strange was district servant, bro weining (sp?). he was the most UNfriendly person. you would say hello to him and he would look the other way ignoring you. in retrospect it almost seems like he was doing something he knew he shouldn't be doing. wonder if he is still in??

  • benext

    I wouldn't say I couldn't stand him but Leon Johnson was a strange one I think he had small man's complex. One day he walked up to me and said: "You're tall right?" I stood there wondering where that was going, then he told me to fix the time on the KH clock.

  • minimus

    TERRY ANGELACOS was the worst CO I ever knew. I've heard he is very ill and out of the circuit work. They called him the Society's hatchetman. He claimed responibility for exposing wife swapping in Ohio in the 70's.

  • ThiChi

    Brother Dolson:

    Last CO I served as an Elder. He was in the pocket of the Brothers with money....disgusting! Simony at its best!

  • SpannerintheWorks

    I can't stand any of them! I've tried, but they keep falling down!


  • anglise

    Clive Upton - smooth and self important - very fussy little feeder. Most dreaded his visits. Last heard of heading for Wales.


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