Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • Hamas


    Yeah I remember Ray Shah, he came straight after Willy Heath. Personally I didnt think he was that bad, but I heard from others that he was through experiences they had with him.

    Now to be really contraversial, I could say that he only got the job because he was a Paki

  • Number 6
    Number 6


    You wouldn't be talking about Alistair Campbell at all? Used to bang on about being a missionary in South America and how if he could stand the privations of the jungle then we had no business moaning about banging a few suburban doors of a Sunday Afternoon.

    Really HUGE guy who when I came accross him was on Lanarkshire No. 1 circuit (Central Scotland about 1989/90. The thing is I actually had a lot of time for him. He came to my wedding with my wife's disfellowshipped sister was there after the local elders had made a huge thing about not coming as it would not be 'appropriate'. So old Campbell shows up and freeloads in helping himself to everything in sight. Thing is I didn't mind as it left egg all over the face of the bastard local elders.

    A few other UK CO's in the 70's and 80's if anyone knows them:

    Gordon Webb, Ray Midgeley, John Flack, Peter Morgan, Jim Simpson (DO I think) who were all in central Scotland at one point or other in the 70's and 80's.

    I always remember Webb giving a talk at the Convetion in Edinburgh mid 80's stating that it did not matter how Godly the parents were; if a child was not doing enough for 'hovah, then they could expect certain death anytime now. Jeez thanks for that Gordon!

    Just a few thoughts

  • Hamas

    Isn't Alistair Cambell a labour party spindoctor ?

  • NeonMadman
    John Casino was regarded by most as an asshole, although I liked him.

    Boy, Minimus, how old are you anyway? Casino was the previous, much-hated CO in the circuit I joined when I got baptized in 1969. He had moved on by then, but everybody was still smarting from his "hatchet-man" routine - he had removed the long-time congregation servant and replaced him with a younger guy. Were you in the org. that far back, even before I was?

  • minimus

    since the late 50's...born and raised. Youngest elder appointed in circuit....blah,blah,blah.

  • NeonMadman

    Wow, and here I thought you were a young'un - you've gotta be older than me. (Poor Guy)

  • minimus

    Out of all CO's wives, Grace Casino was almost universally hated. She would critique everything from a person's weight to their not wearing a hat. The Casinos were 1950's people. They never got out of that era. She would, especially on sunday, wear her best hat for the meeting and encourage other sisters to do the same. If she felt that a person was a bit overweight, she would question the wisdom of having another helping of food. They would complain that the Society would not give them a good assignment or good enough automobile. For their complaints, they were banished up to Buffalo NY, where they had the worst winter weather of the century.

  • berylblue

    I think the question which begs asking is "Was there ever a circuit overseer you could stand?"



    <thinking this must be one of those rhetorical questions, so no answer is expected...yeah, that's it!!!>


  • searchfothetruth

    Number 6.

    I can't believe you recognised Alastair Campbell from that description. He obviously wasn't just putting on a show for us then was he?

    I didn't give his name to protect the guilty, but you must have seen him in the same light.

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