Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • wednesday

    Is Don Farmer the one that actualy lived in Dallas? there was one who did, and he was so horrible. In the 70's he atteneded the area cong. and once i made a joke about saturday night live, and if he could have sent me to hell, he would have.

  • gitasatsangha


    Couch sounds vaguely familiar, but I don't know if I met him.

    When the CO Homolka died, a some CO's came to his funeral, and one or two DO's. Couch might have been there, not sure. I do remember Cantwell being there. He was pretty old and put out to pasture by then. Last time I saw him.

  • cruzanheart

    Yes, wednesday, that's the one! He had to serve in the Dallas area because his father had died and he was trying to take care of his elderly mother, who was in the White Rock area. I think he finally left the circuit work to take care of her full-time, or maybe he just ran out of golfing buddies . . . .


  • rocketman

    Gopher, I remember George "By the Book" Cook too. And yep, from what I heard, he earned that nickname.

    Fascinating thread, not sure how wise it is to be mentioning names though. Like Ozzie said, one or two of these guys might be lurkers. On the other hand, mentioning the names may add weight and validity to the accounts, which are riveting. This is one thread I can't put down, as it were.

  • NeonMadman
    Howard Stockham ..... 100% company man through and through.

    He was one of the worst I ever knew, though he was only a trainee CO when he was in our area. Once, he came along to my house on a visit with the regular CO to "help" me with my "doubts" about the org. The regular CO was really trying to help, but Stockham kept insisting that my doubts couldn't be real, that I must be covering up some secret sin and using the doubts as an excuse to draw away from the organization. He pressed and pressed for me to "confess" what I was doing wrong. What a turd.

  • NeonMadman

    Of course, the worst CO ever, imho, was Anthony DaCinti (not sure of the spelling). Every time I heard one of his talks, I wanted to leave the KH and never come back.

    Eventually, I did just that.

  • gitasatsangha


    I met Da Cinti. I think he was a DO by then. He was an arrogant, irritable, and unlikeable person.

  • betweenworlds
    What a turd

    Yes, even so he was a turd! When my sister in law was a teenager she had the misfortune to wind up in his car group for service. Well in front of everyone he berated her and told her that if she was going to go out in service in his group she was going to have to go home and change her skirt, as it had a small slit in it. She wound up in tears needless to say. Jerk.

  • Thirdson


    I remember Alan Stokes, didn't like him one bit. He gave me a dressing down for thanking the congregation for their contributions and lectured me on how it was Jesus' money not the congregations'. He surrounded himself with wealthiest elders who he gave parts on assemblies and always stayed with the really rich elder at the big country house. (Said elder moved to the English Riviera and later to Malta I hear.) Stokes claimed he knew all about child care cause he once looked after his teenaged relative.

    I thought he was a pompous ass but that's my impression of most COs and DOs.

    Is Alan Stokes a DO now? I knew him in the mid 80's when served in one of the Worcestershire or Warwickshire circuits.



  • mattnoel

    Cant remember his name Nightwarrior may know when I describe him but he was really tall and very very boring ! his talks would be all about making clay pots, now usually they would get to a point and you would think(in your super spiritual mind) oh that was a good way of making me remember, but his talks would be all a load of crap and you would be sitting there thinking, so whats his point ?

    One time he said about coming to the hall dressed as hippies and a whole row got up and walked out of the hall, they were hippy sorta people but bible studies. he he

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