Raised as jw from birth. Was 3rd generation witness on both sides of family. Elder for 10 years during the entire decade of the 1990's. A 5 year battle with local elders, a couple of co's and do's, the service dept, various wt officials, the gb, and a kangeroo court investigation committee, while at the same time reading Crisis Of Conscience, In Search Of Christian Freedom, Apocalypse Delayed, Blood On The Altar, and various other publications towards the end of this conflict with the borg, enlightened me to the fact that the watchtower is one of the biggest scams ever promoted on this planet. Ceased attending borg meetings in December of 1999. I have cleaned out of my life the influences of all so-called leaders, religious and otherwise. I apply integrated thinking in my life and I am enjoying the journey of life as a self-leader. Live Long And Prosper! Kaplaa!