Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • Skeptic

    Most COs I knew were decent sorts. Maybe it was because our congregation was the model congregation for our area. Maybe it was because I had few theocratic ambitions, so the COs required nothing of me.

    One was the complaining discouraging type who insulted me. Later I found out from his wife that they were both tired out from the work (they were very elderly) and were very depressed as their next assignment was taking them away from their grandchildren. They wanted to stay in our circuit to be with their grandkids.

    They quit shortly thereafter. stayed in the area, and he became a substitute CO. They seemed quite happy.

    Another CO, Henry Ramsey, was a really good CO. He cared about people and his requirements were reasonable. We have relatives in common, so maybe that made a difference. He was also very honest. When I asked him how he and his wife remembered so much about me and my family after not seeing me for a year or so, he said he and his wife kept notes and reviewed them before they visited each congregation.


  • Outaservice



    Outaservice (but still countin my time)

  • DanTheMan

    I never got to know any of them very well because I wasn't a title seeker. The elders were always making me their pet project trying to get me to be more "active in the troof" but I think the more experienced CO's had seen my type before and knew I wouldn't be a rising star in the org any time soon, if ever. Funny, I used to be so ashamed of that...

    I didn't care for Hollace Milliken much, I don't think he is much like by anybody.

  • Warrigal

    I think Sam Waschalk defined 'pompous ass'. Just hated to see him coming.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I'd never heard that story about Don killing a little dog Tres, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were true. He was a miserable human being. Once he and our PO left Nina and I stranded out in service whilst they went off for a 30 minute break at Braum's. We had finally started walking back toward the KH (several miles away) when they finally came back. Never an apology and neither one barely acknowledged our presence on the drive back to the KH where they dropped us off and drove away. Creep.

  • minimus

    Bob Rokos was a guy that was always irritated over something. I liked him because I wasn't afraid of him like everyone else was. He used to have this thing about being on time for service. He's make all latecomers sit in the front. He'd wait for them and their children to make the trek from the time they opened the door until they got in the front. Meanwhile, dead silence. One day, HE came in late. Everyone in the service group was delighted. As soon as he hurried in, I looked at him and loudly said, "You're late.".He glared at me and everyone but him laughed.

  • cruzanheart

    William Osbeck will forever be in my "bad books" for how he treated my dad. I liked Warren Reese because he once did a pioneer meeting with me, the lone regular pioneer, at Braum's so he wouldn't be "alone" in the Kingdom Hall with a sister. Personally, I thought it was a creative and rather delicious solution, and the only pioneer meeting I really remember. Mmmm, chocolate milk shake . . . .

    Wish I could remember the guy in Australia who ate all my Crunchie bars (see another thread -- it's a long story and yet again involves chocolate). I do remember a C.O. in Northern Australia with the last name of Thew. He and his wife had been missionaries in the Philippines, I think, or Thailand, and had some halacious stories to relate. My favorite was the one about their "house boy" who would make them breakfast each morning and bring it up: hot tea and buttered toast. One morning Sister Thew went downstairs early to see how he made breakfast, and there he was, sitting at the table with his feet up, using his feet as toast racks as he waited for the slices to toast! The Thews were memorable for an incredible body odor problem that no amount of soap and water could get rid of. In fact, after one of them took a shower, the soap smelled bad. Don't know what it was, but it was BAD.


  • Blueblades

    Two:I won't name them as it would give me away.One said to me ,"Even if you are not an elder anymore,I'll still love you as a brother."He wanted to have me deleted over family matters.

    One time he told us( who were serving on a judicial matter) to disfellowship the person before we actually heard the case!

    Another time he wanted to delete the whole body unless we signed a letter saying we would improve in our effort to help the cong.to perform better in service and meeting attendance.

    Finally,when I told him that two elders had breached confidentiality,and should be deleted,he told me to just let it go.They were his good ole' boys.

    The other one wanted to see me at his talk on sunday.When I told him to come inside my home as I had some things I wanted to discuss about the elders.He said that he was late for lunch and had to go!He just stopped by to ask me to come to the meeting on sunday to hear his talk.

    When I told him what if I lit up a cigarette right here in front of you! Then would you skip lunch and call the elders together for an investigation or would try to help me right now.He just said he had to go.

    That's enough for now.There is so much more I have to say,another time.


  • jschwehm

    Any of you guys heard of John Mason? He served in the southern USA in Southeastern Louisiana. He was a trip.

    A bunch of teenagers in our congregation took a trip to the French Quarter in New Orleans. My brother go caught french-kissing one of the elder's daughters who went on the trip. My brother who was not baptized got called before the elders and Mason for a judicial hearing. Mason ran the show and had my brother convicted for loose conduct before he even entered the room. One of the craziest comments that Mason said to my brother as counsel was that 'French-kissing is such an unclean expression of affection that Christian married couples do not even engage in that practice'. This guy was really uptight.

    Jeff S.

  • lilacs4everr

    Did any of you ever report domestic abuse to a C.O. named Gary Holmes? My family did and he laughs it off, calling it "repressed memories". No one in my family ever forgot for one minute the abuse going on. It was NEVER repressed! Has he treated anyone else this way? He's in Missouri (U.S.A.) circuit #8 now.

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