Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • Number 6
    Number 6


    He was f***ing impossible to miss. HUGE bloke. The time he came to my house for dinner as well as my wedding reception he ate everything in site.

    At the end I was tempted to put on my John Cleese with a french accent and offer him a 'wafer thin mint' to finish. (If you've seen Monty Python's meaning of life you'll know what I mean)

    Nice bloke though!

    BTW check your email


  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Osbeck. What a lying, two faced ba$tid he is. You can't belive one word he says. He also has about the biggest ego I've ever seen.

  • rocketman

    beryl, as you know, one thing is for sure - if we posted CO's that we could stand, this thread would have been very short.

  • minimus

    My experience has been that young CO's are the worst. The older ones aren't so idealistic.

  • blondie

    As I read everyone's contribution, I think about my past. Being a child in a divided household made me most likely to be ignored, and I was. Then as a single sister, I again was in the most likely to be ignored group. I steered clear of the COs and their wives. I did not want to suck up like I saw everyone else doing, acting like perfect JWs for the week only to go back to their nasty, gossipy ways on Monday.

    I'll agree with minimus that the new ones are too judgemental and enthusiastic without any empathy for those without their "privileges." I remember one older one though that was kind to the children and remembered all their names and another than took an interest in the teenagers in the circuit.

    I just tried hard not to be a target for the unkind ones. I learned how to do that well at home with my abusive father.


  • minimus

    Blondie, I also remember when a CO was good with the kids. It would make their day(and the parents' too). The majority of CO's didn't seem to like kids, though. Perhaps that was another good reason to get into the circuit work. My thought is that most CO's want to make their rounds, like night watchmen, hoping no one causes ruckus.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Frank Nicholson was thoroughly obnoxious. He was the CO who told me to shut up about my sperm donor or he would see to it personally that I was disfellowshipped. When my sperm donor moved to another congregation the entire body of elders voted NOT to accept him as an MS. Nicholson appealed to the Society on his behalf and sure enough he was appointed an MS. Charming fellow.

  • hurt

    Sperm Donor.

    Big Tex, you Irish?

  • metatron

    First, I consider most C.O.'s to be egocentric spiritual predators. There are a few who are good men - often

    frustrated or on their way out.

    I'm very amused by the consistent opinion that Rodriguez ( Rod - Ricks) was a pompus ass. If your hall had

    an elevated stage, you could bet he would be on it, talking down to the elders literally, on their Friday

    night meeting.

    As for others, there was P.Green, an ignorant racist who removed elders so that "our people could be in charge"

    J.Crana, who wrecked one congregation after another with elder removals and his "more fanatical and morbid

    than you" spirit.

    I felt sorry for the wives - often sickly and wishing for a family of their own.


  • blacksheep

    I didn't have much exposure to them, not being a "brother" and all. I think a few of them were full of themselves. I think I had a general thing against them because my mom was such a CO groupie. They were "dignitaries" to her. She couldn't wait to have them over for a meal, go out in service with them, do their laundry, take them to a restaurant, etc. It ticked me off that she even gave one CO's wife a coat of mine simply because the wife admired it (without ever asking me.)

    Whenever they came into town, my moms eyes glazed over, and she quoted them like they were god's agents themselves. What I noticed was that a lot of their wives were sickly, and didn't seem really too happy. I would imagine that homeless, rootless lifestyle where she's just supporting her husband with little identity of her own would take a toll on a lot of women.

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