Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • minimus

    I think we had Martin as a District Overseer in the 70's. He wore colored shirts and flashy ties. He never finished his "term" and word was he got in trouble with Brooklyn.

  • ThiChi

    Brother Dolson. On one hand, he quickened my departure by his antics in a case involving a prominent Family (read, gave $$ to the CO and "mother" every visit), I was asked to sit on this case in a committee as an Elder. So in this way, I am grateful.

    On the other hand, he disgusted me by playing favorites and engaging in Simony.

  • Sunnygal41

    There were a couple of brothers that I found disgusting when they came thru...........one always started his visit telling you how to pronounce his name, even spelling it..........and for the life of me, I can only remember his first name was Paul!! LOL! Then there was that cranky oldtimer he and his wife were both in their 70's...they came to our congregation and started an uproar about locking the door of the KH, and not letting late ones in. Also, he'd stop his talk and stare at whoever got up during a meeting........just staring them out of the main hall! It was demeaning. They had just served the Bedford-Stuy' area of New York City, so some of the paranoia was understandable, but, I disliked him very much. Then, there was the CO, very fat, bald headed, hearty laugh, who told racist jokes from the platform!!!! Our elder body had a nice long conversation with him about that one, I'll tell you! The CO I absolutely loved best was Darrell Marlowe and his wife Joyce..........they were missionaries in Africa during the 60's and Joyce got pregnant and they had to come home. He was the most loving, compassionate person I ever saw in all my time in the JW's. He was a hugger too, both the bros. and the sisters and you knew it was because he really loved you as a person. You could tell he'd done research about emotional and mental illness beyond the WTS, and felt the friends needed all the encouragement they could get. Wonderful people!

  • Black Man
    Black Man


  • logansrun

    Sunnygal: are you referring to Paul Illingworth, now a DO? He would get pissed when people would say Illingsworth instead of Illingworth. I rememberber him making a big fuss about that.


    PS -- I don't know if I responded in this thread before, but Chester Ruch was the worst CO I ever ran into. Crumudginly, bombastic, narrowminded and idiotic. Hopefully, he's now dead.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Unfortunately that SOB is not dead but he's pretty sick.

  • Soledad

    yeah. how about all of them??

  • Swan

    Some pompous windbag named Willhite (Oregon circa 1978). A close second was Killian (Oregon circa 1967).

  • nelly1

    yeah dont get me started either, we had a few in my time, most were stuck up and up themselves and only hung around the elite in the congregation, so much for humility huh? there was one

    ron carter, hes the biggest ass hole i ever met, i heard they use to call him mac the knife in the circuits, very harsh man, use to give talks saying you wont be saved unless you are baptised, and theres new ones and UP in the audience and kids who wernt baptised, he yelled at me once right in the hall for nothing, cant stand him and his wife who thinks organ music on a CD is demonic so she throws it out * shakes head*

    there was one guy who was a diamond, an elder stepping in temp because the co was sick, he was a lovely man who used to fart as we were going up driveways laugh and say who did that LOL

    he understood how it is for ordinary ppl,

    suffice to say theres no humility, in my time of meeting some i wasnt impressed at all, only one came remotely near to being christlike and hey as far as i know jesus didnt fart at the diciples and laugh, well not that its been recorded anyway LOL

  • wednesday

    just have to revisit this thread. Yes, Don Farmer , was the worst excuse ever. He knew NOTHING. Next to him, Ray Martin, from the 70's Frank Nickelson was pretty popular here, but he's gone now, died in 95..

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