Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • unstopableravens

    the last two:lol hypocrites. i guess what i did not like the most they presented themsleves as humble, but they were very arrogent when talking one on one !

  • Apognophos

    We had Br. Angelacos when I was younger, but I don't remember much about him, positive or negative, just that he was very tired and sick. I suspect he's no longer among the living. And Bro. Rodriquez ("Rodricks") is familiar to me too. He seemed stuffy and humorless, but as a teen, I wasn't paying much attention to what the congregation thought of him; it seems from this thread, however, that his reputation precedes him.

    Br. Murray, on the other hand, seemed like a genuine nice guy when he came through our area a while back. But he's quite old and in poor health now, and would like to "retire".

    Say, does anyone remember Bro. Hans (sp), good or bad? May not have been a CO in the last 10-20 years, so this is a question for you "old-timers".

    I guess I'd better stop here before I give away too much personal info. Too bad, I could tell a funny story about one CO who was of the anointed. Most awkward guy in field service ever.

  • minimus

    I was. The circuit assembly chairman when I got to know the DO ho later became our first black GB member.

  • pontoon

    Yes, I remember bro. Hans. Very nice, genuine man. Humble. Had an expression something like "we want everyone to feel good." I think he actually raised a family before circuit work. Believe he was a truck driver. Long time ago I heard through the grapevine he lost his eyesight. I remember when Lett was our CO. I went out in service with him. He was OK after you got use to his faces. WORST was a old (way too old for circuit work) bro. Nash. One of the worst public speakers. Had my worst day ever in service with him. He was pushing working business territory. We had almost no business territory, but there was this gas station run by a man about my own age who I knew well and I also knew his feelings about JW's. That was our first call and when we got there I said "I'll take this call myself." I wanted to prevent a problem. I got out of the car real fast with a Family book in my hand (he had a family) and I just said "you and your wife may like to read this," everything was OK then Nash came over and said the wrong thing and ******said "the thing I don't like about Witnesses is you don't pay taxes" and Nash said "young man you don't what your talking about" and the fight was ON. This place was a real redneck hangout. About 6 other guys were there witnessing this old circuit overseer brother fighting with the owner of this gas station. I wanted to crawl into a hole. In the car Nash bragged about how he defended the truth. I said before you got out of the car he was going to take that book, now I'll never be able to talk to him again. Hudson Valley NY

  • problemaddict

    Minimus. Heard was north Cali yes? I met him back in the day.

    Interesting resurrection of this thread. In my experience, southern Cali is where they send the old guys who did well to die, since the weather is so nice. They start them in San Diego, and slowly move them north. Most of them have been really nice to be honest. Usually not wanting to get involved and just letting the elders do what they do. Just kind of old and been around and tired. Sometimes you got old guy rants. One CO went on for hours about how football was a barbaric sport to a congregation FULL of Charger fans. One elder ditched his season tickets. I think he overeacted.

    Generally nice old guys.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    JW Gonebad, I agree

    Brother Razor.

    He left a trail of tears in our area. Even the Elders dreded his visit.

    I heard he died.

  • problemaddict

    Wasn't Razor in Long Beach for a while? I think I know that guy. Elders hated him (which is usually a good thing), but I seem to remember him being crazy harsh.

  • The_Present_Truth

    Maybe the WTBTS should have kept Beth Sarim for the old CO's and DO's to retire to in California. They could keep an eye out for Abraham, David, Moses, Isaiah, Samuel ... For those who aren't familiar with Beth Sarim just Google it.

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    Haven't read through all of this yet, but Billy Ford had to be the absolute worst. He was THE CO that made the sisters cry. No one was good enough and everyone needed to be counseled. He got livid at the teens that would talk to each other outside the kh after the meetings. He was in So Cal in the early 90s I believe. I heard he was "retired" shortly after our visit becaus he was so harsh.

  • bigmac

    names i recall from the 60's in the UK


    co's---oliver macdonald-----graham carmichael---bevan vigo----john blaney---bill bull.

    all lived un-natural lives. totally up their own ar5es.

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