Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • DarkWolf

    There was one, I can't remember his name (I can't remember any of their names) who gave a special talk on how television was degenerating. He said we shouldn't watch Crocidile Hunter because he said Crikey all the time, and for all we knew that was an Austrailian curse word. He also advised my husbands brother and his wife to throw my 14 year old nephew out of the house because he was a bad influence on their four younger children. All he had done was grow his hair long and start playing electric guitar.

  • minimus

    Welcome, Dark Wolf.........Very cool name.

  • scotsman

    Number 6 and Searchforthetruth

    Big old Alastair died last year and his wife seems to have the onset of Alzheimer's. He took my Pioneer School and can't say I liked him that much, bit of a headmaster.

    I know Jim Simpson, John Flack, etc. What about the flash singleton Ian Shanks or loadsamoney Bob Oldrey?

  • searchfothetruth

    I feel pretty bad about bad-mouthing Alastair Campbell now...oh well he's in heaven with all the food he can eat now.

    He was a jolly man and didn't give a toss about the elders so maybe he wasn't a bad overseer, just bad in the eyes of those that asked him for help.

  • scotsman

    The only thing that Alastair gave a toss about was the size of the steaks in Brazil. Some while prior to dying he collapsed at home and it took 5 paramedics to get hime off the floor. He thought it was hilarious. I think we know who ate all the pies!

  • minimus

    How big was this guy??? I knew of an elder in the circuit that was truly obese. He had to weigh 450 lbs. He stopped getting circuit parts because he was setting a bad example, yet he's still an obese elder. Go figure.

  • integ

    For lack of recalling what their first names are I will refer to these co's as 'brother(s)".........

    Brother Chin: Would stop in the middle of a talk to tell a crying babies mother to take her kid to the back and show some respect.

    Brother Scheel: Very condemning....He ended up getting df'd for running off with his assistants wife.

    Brother Prifty: A very sincere, smart, man. You can't help but like the guy.

    Brother Janus: Over enunciates every word he says. Sounds like John Facenda of NFL films (arcane reference I know).

    I guess I don't really have anything too bad to say about these guys...Just thought I would contribute to the post.

  • Number 6
    Number 6


    Was old AC of the anointed? Didn't think so myself. The thing I liked immensely about him was he truly did not give a flying f*** what the elders thought. Up to that point most of the CO's who did the rounds fell into line with whatever their agenda was. Big Al just waltzed in and rode roughshod all over them.

    Which the local bastards deserved.

    Sorry to hear he has died.

    Scotsman: I don't remember Jim Simpson very much. He had a very distinct speaking voice though. John Flack was a superb speaker, he could make the driest crappies Watchtower pap ( i.e most of it) sound intelligent and interesting. I also remember whilst dredging this stuff out of memory of a DO by the name of Ketter in the mid 70's. I believe he came from the Midlands and was a heavy promoter of the old 1975 date and became very disillusioned when nowt happened. There was heresay that he was a Kiddie fiddler but I can't confirm this. Be curious to see how many other names you mention. Those last two Shanks and Oldrey are after my time. I was history by that point.


  • minimus

    add SHEPHERD to the list. His talks go overtime, 15 to 25 minutes!!! His meetings for field service last up to one hour! He LOVES listening to himself and talks about everyone that doesn't follow the Slave will DIE......and he's ugly, too.

  • blondie

    The current one, a young snot who left Bethel to work where the need was great in Nevada, met his wife, and became a CO.

    All the meetings during his visit go over 45 minutes and the elders are afraid to say anything.

    He uses props, dances around the stage, and rarely uses a scripture in his talks.

    One older sister said, "He is a little too energetic," which is putting it mildly.

    He wishes there were ten meetings a week to go to; 5 is too few.


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