Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • obiwan

    Oh gawd, don't get me started!

  • rocketman

    Nowisee, yes, I know of Weining, and he's still around I think. He seemed like a grump.

  • undercover

    Most of them I liked OK. There were a couple of hard cases but I usually stayed clear of them. But there was one that was a total a$$hole. Sorry but no other description seems to fit this guy. He was condescending, know-it-all, over-righteous, prejudiced and power-tripping. I tried to accept him as being zealous. I tried to like him. But everything that came out of his mouth just sent me over the edge. I remember one service talk where he said that if you(not us, but "you") aren't doing "everything" that you can in the service, then why bother? If it is not your best then it isn't good enough so there wasn't any point in doing anything. I actually agreed with him on that and stopped trying altogether. I heard horror stories about him all over the circuit. He served our area the same time limit as the other COs but it seemed like forever. His last two visits I didn't even bother going at all. It was soon after that I disappeared pretty much for good.

  • Gopher


    Was that James Dolson? If so he served here in the Midwest too.

    I remember him repeatedly saying that the two reasons he went out in service were (1) to save "me" (himself), because of the verse that says 'woe is me if I did not declare the good news', and (2) to save others.

    I thought that he put himself first was quite revealing. (Maybe he was trying to appeal to the crowd in the hall, I don't know.)

    Another "piece of work" was the company man George Cook. His overemphasis on rigid procedures earned him the nickname "by the book".

  • minimus

    Undercover, his name wasn't Everett Rodrigues, was it? He was a self righteous ass. The young ones usually are. .,...Does any one know a CO named Don Culp? He was a very handsy type of guy, especially with the boys. I think he just was animated, that's all.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Don Farmer was the laziest know-nothing CO in the history of Jehovah's Witnesses. He knew next to nothing about the Bible, was only interested in the ski vacations the wealthy brothers would pay for and basking in the sucking up most Witnesses gave him. The only reason he was a CO was because he couldn't find employment in the real world.

    Jerry Murray, Bill Couch and Warren Reese (going back a couple of decades) were good guys who seemed to care about people.

  • undercover
    Undercover, his name wasn't Everett Rodrigues, was it?

    No, it wasn't. I'm not familiar with any of the names mentioned so far. I'm on the east coast. For now, that's bout all I'll divulge, since I have family in and I don't want to let anyone pinpoint where or who I am.

    "When people are out to get you, paranoia is just good thinking" Dr. Johnny Fever

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Minimus, I rememner Roderigues from Bethel... He detested it when anyone pronounced his name in the customary Hispanic way, i.e. Rod-ree-gues... he insisted it be prononced Rod-er-Ricks, or something close to that... a pompous ass.

  • minimus

    Room215, Rodrigues was such a jerk that he tried to get all elder bodies to write down something negative about an elder that was on their body and sign their statement. From the very first visit he tried to pit one elder against the other. He was a pompous ass. I delighted in calling him (by mistake, of course), "Brother Rod Re GEZ".

  • nightwarrior

    What is it about the co's that if you had money , sniff sniff, and you became best friends..... seen it so many times.

    Once a co, looked down on the money ones, mmmm, but he was more than happy to stay at the 'posh' house and partake from the table of the wealthy ones. double standards.

    Another one, NW just said his name was **** head????? blast the name has gone.

    But anyone remember Dennis Dutton??.... But one I did like was Alan Stokes, straight talking, a handshake to crush...but a nice man, saw right through the bent elders, but was still powerless to do anything??

    John Andrews - liked the money ones.

    Now all seem to work at the Bethel in UK.

    Oh well the list goes on.

    I will be back with the **** head name, this is really annoying because he was a real creep.

    Mrs Nightwarrior

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