New Video of DF announcement at door

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  • nowisee

    i may have missed something since i haven't been around much... but, what were the two questions you were going to ask of the elders at the end of the film when they hastily retreated? just curious. seems you were prepared with them so they must be good.

  • rebel8

    That was just so creepy. I am not DFd but I remember how horrible the victims were treated, like dirt.

    At first I felt a little sorry for the elder talking because you could tell he wasn't comfortable, but then I came to my senses and remembered he is responsible for his own behavior. Obviously he is brainwashed but he is making such terrible choices, it's hard to pin it all on the borg.

    *off to shower* (No I am not kidding, I am really in need of a shower after watching that. Sweaty and creeped out.)


  • schne_belly

    Wow - this is bigger than I would of guessed.

    After all the comments, pro and con, let me fill you in on more of the story(history):

    Two weeks ago, my mother was df'd. I knew that it was only a matter of time before they came after me. I prepared myself for the worst, leaving a video camera next to the door. My initial thought was that the elders who showed up at my door would not subject themselves to being taped and would leave. I had one line rehearsed: "I'm doing a documentary on the authoritarian tactics of high-control groups."

    As you can see, they stayed.

    I wish I could of rehearsed more.

    The caring elders did not call or stop by previous to this filming for over a year. I do recall receiving letters without return addresses several months ago, nothing certified or return-receipt. I must have thrown them away.

    I have no hard feelings towards either of the elders. It was not my intent to mock them or be flippant. This organization has jaded me - perhaps that was coming across in my tone.

    The questions that I wished to ask them are:

    Does a person need an organization to understand the bible?

    Are there any doctrines open to discussion within the organization? If so, which doctrines?

    Is there any good reason to leave the JW's?

    Thanks - I appreciate everyones comments - even PanickAttack!!!!


  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    Hello Dozy! Are you and active witness? If so maybe you could video tape your Elders visits for us when they find your posting on a message boards with us, "The Evil Slave Class" and come to DF you. If you think he came across a little harsh as I did, maybe your video will be a little kinder to the viewers.

    Do you think he still should have been DFED even though he hasnt denounced Christ but only the WT? Or do you feel the WT is Christ? Please explain and welcome to the board!

  • aquagirl

    Excellent job.Thanks for sharing..You had 'em squirmin' like toads!!!

  • Soledad

    I am amazed that they didn't object to being filmed.

    The video made me squirm. These two seemed so mechanical and cold.

    I hope more people video/voice record things like these. It would make for great anti-witnessing.

    Good job

  • Sunspot
    My honest opinion is that you came across as bitter, a complete jerk, and a liar, because they know you got the letters. I felt bad for the Elder that was doing the talking. He is trapted in a cult and he is only doing what he knows Jehovah wants him to. Sure, he stuttered and read slow, the lighting was bad and he was being put on the spot with a camera in his face. Trying to make them look foolish on film is only going to make them feel persecuted which means they have the truth. I had the same thing happen to me 3 weeks ago and I handled it quickly and with confidence. I showed them respect and told them that I loved them both, because I do. Just remember they are brainwashed and only doing what they are programmed to do. I think you came across as a complete asshole.

    My first thought was that this comment was meant to be a joke. I see where I was mistaken. I have to wonder how he was "trying to make them look foolish".....they are the ones who WERE foolish.....doing the deed all on their own. Its just a "mini-visual" of when Peter Mosier put up the WTS Quotes online as is and was forced to remove his site simply because it embarrassed the WTS.

    "I think you came across as a complete asshole." On my worst (or perhaps best) day as a die-hard "loyal and obedient" (tm) JW, I might possibly have seen this piece under a different light. It would have disturbed me, but I would have had to admit that the only asshole(s) in it was the elder doing the talking. I think an apology is due on YOUR part, but then, that's only my opinion.

    This IS typical WTS at its best, without a doubt. It shows ALL the flaws, flubs and warts in mere minutes and leaves nothing to the imagination. It demonstrates an excellent example of WTS thinking, strategy, lack of love, and total foolishness.

  • loosie

    I was watching the TV show web junk last night. You know the show that shows you the funniest video clips from teh internet. And I thought how it would be interesting to submit this to them or to Ifilm. that would get a lot of coverage.

  • carla

    I showed to my daughter, first thing she noticed (with no prompting from me) was the jdub smile! You see that has been an annoyance to all of us! His new facial expressions! She thought the elder talked just like dad when he was getting dubby. Otherwise she didn't think the person doing the film behaved badly at all. She thought he kept 'his cool'.

  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    I will never apologize for having my own opinion. I did not attack anyone personally, all I did was give my opinion. I like the poster that posted the video and appreciate his threads. I never said or insinuated that he is an asshole, only that I think the average joe might see it like that, just by watching the video.
    I think my honest critisism had some valid points, but I would never insist someone apologize for not seeing things exactly as I did, that would be close minded and Im NO longer like that!

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