Married,65, five grown children, eight grandchildren, now raising an Autistic(Asperger's Syndrome)grandson,18. Baptized '72 but going to KH since '69, DAed myself in '99. Our entire family shredded to bits because of WTS shunning policy. My parents and sister disowned me BECAUSE I became a JW! Some hate me because I left the WTS after discovering what sneaky LIARS they are and others hate me because I stopped associating with them when I became a JW, and refuse to accept my apologies for my JW horrid Watchtower-trained conscience and my arrogant behavior for 30 years. One daughter married an elder and has completely disowned me, my other kids (nonJWs) are upset at the way they were raised and all they missed out on that can never be brought back for them. I was an advocate for the legal rights and services for Special Ed kids,and was going to specialize in Autism/ Asperger's and was fighting for their needs because THEY can't. I was attending classes while I was still a JW and was kept very busy with pursuits of it all. Suffering two strokes and a heart attack in 2003 I have had to stop my efforts to help these kids. I have lost many abilities (slurred speech and right-side paralysis) but I can still type! (slowly but surely)! I HATE injustice of ANY kind, and the unfair policies, demands and attitudes that people such as JWs have to live by when in a cult as the WTS is.. You can TELL when my Irish temper flares up at these things, here on JWD or anywhere else!