New Video of DF announcement at door

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  • TresHappy

    That elder that did all the talking was actually sort of good-looking...none of my elders ever looked that good - lol

    But that elder on his right, you could tell he was very uncomfortable about the whole taping...

    What a hilarious video - I like seeing elders squirm...

  • inbyathread

    My thanks to everyone that has commented on this video. Between here and at this video has been seen or downloaded over 3900 times. That is outstanding. I don't have the numbers for Danny's site or for any others that might have mirrored it. Downloads per day is slowing down now and that is to be expected.

    Now let's see your videos. We'd all like to see the common 'door to door' witness video. Please no parodies or made up scenes. Just the real thing.

    Oh, and if you know somebody that hasn't seen this video yet, let them know. Thanks Again.

  • inbyathread

    There have been 1463 downloads from the site. Tell your neighbors, tell the dog. For some weird reason I would like to see 1500 on that list. Comments. Anyone? Anyone?

  • inbyathread

    What a gift. 1501 downloads from Plus what is seen at this is just fantastic. You all have made this a great success.

  • luna2


  • inbyathread

    I've noticed the viewer numbers continuing to rise. I believe that new ones are still checking out this video. Comment on what you've seen. We're not shy. We don't even bite (much) Schnee_belly would love to hear what you're thinking.

  • BritBoy

    I am still HOWLING with laughter at these two... WELL DONE for filming that! I am going to share it with all and sundry!

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