New Video of DF announcement at door

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  • toreador

    Excellent questions to ask sne belly. The problem is getting them to answer them. Tor Question Box
    Why is there a need to exercise caution when witnessing by mail? Giving a witness through the mail is a time-tested method of sharing the good news. Recent developments on the world scene, however, have made people cautious about opening unfamiliar mail. Envelopes from unknown sources or with no return address are often viewed with suspicion, especially if they are handwritten and bulky. Householders may discard such mail without opening it. How can we prevent this from happening? If possible, both the letter and the envelope should be typewritten. The envelope should be addressed to the householder by name. Do not address it to "Occupant." In addition, always provide a return address. If it is not advisable to show your personal address, give your name and the Kingdom Hall address. Do not send letters anonymously. Never use the address of the branch office.—See the November 1996 Our Kingdom Ministry Question Box. Further suggestions and a sample letter can be found in Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education, pages 71-3. These guidelines will help us to use letters effectively to reach others with the good news.

    I never knew this! I would have appealed, using this info, and then not show up for the appeal!

    And yes, the white lights arent xmas light, I can confirm that. In the fall alot of people including witnesses put them up.

  • sf

    I'm still trying to view this damn thing. I'm on Rado's site, but nothing happens. The video window just sits there, no matter what I click on.

    {{{ johnny baby }}}

    dozy...Awake up! In reference to your statement about Dannys site here :

    How effective is this aggressive approach in trying to get JWs out of the religion?

    You're HERE, among US now. So I'd say, pretty effective. And I surely don't see you running AWAY from what your organization says is "the unclean thing". Quite the contrary, I doubt you will be leaving any time soon.

    Nice try though.

    AULD SOUL, HELP ME OUT HERE. Guide me to where you have the video up.



  • zagor

    Voice behind the camera sounds somewhat familiar

    to add: I'm not surprised this is happening though. Many elders that I knew acted like town sheriffs that were on the mission to "clean the congregation"

  • JT

    if you just show this video to a nonjw without any context or explanation --of course he may veiw the person recording it a "jerk"

    but if you provide them with some context that these men are here to cast you out to SATAN as a wicked man all because you "bought a different teaching" yea "the GB don't speak for God"- you will get an entirely different view.

    that is the whole point we have been making online, most nonjw don't know what questions to ask when studying with jw, but when they do, typically they will not become jw

    here in Washington dc that has been a tremdous problem as explained by 2 COs-- studies can be started but many end up stopping

    folks family friends co worlkers download tons of wt info online and start asking the Right Questions-

    i find if you give nonjw just a little context on how jw operate, they can do the rest for they have no blind faith in the GB and therefore have no problem challenging foolish and goofy dogmas up front

    case in point, when the wt told jw that if a woman caught her husband having sex with the family dog, she could not divorce and remarry without being considered and adultrer by God

    jw all nodded in agreement with that teaching

    yet ask the guy you work with the same question,

    would god consider him an adulter if he caught his wife with the family dog and remarried

    so when nonjw are give some facts about wt they see thru the foolishness

    as my fatherinlaw says

    by the time you know what questions to ask its too late- you are already end the world of wt

  • Sunspot

    Panicattack---you said "I think you came across as a complete asshole"!!!!

    THEN you said..."I did not attack anyone personally, all I did was give my opinion."

    Well if that wasn't "not attacking anyone personally", then it's hard to imagine what WOULD be taken personally!

    "I think my honest critisism had some valid points"....
    Honest criticism??? .... to call someone a "complete asshole"? You are very strange...(MY honest criticism, BTW).

    "but I would never insist someone apologize for not seeing things exactly as I did"

    That's not the way I presented it. I said you owed an apology for saying he was a complete asshole for airing HIS opinion. That was implied. Guess this concept is way over your head, huh?

    "that would be close minded and Im NO longer like that!" was very hard to tell.

  • upside/down

    I used to be ashamed that I even felt this way but...

    I would literally phycially attack and go POSTAL on any elder who came to my door with that kind of a pussy message.

    These people used my decency against me for 20 years...NEVER AGAIN!!!

    I deal with them just like this country deals with terrorists... no compromise and no negotiation.

    I'm free FINALLY... and will NEVER relinquish that.

    Call me what you will... but sometimes violence IS an option. I've made that quite clear to the local BOE and the "society"...and have had peace ever since... Coincindence? I think not.

    u/d(of the has some seriously pent up rage class)

  • zagor

    Must admit though the guy was pretty quick in getting camer out, was he expecting them to come?

    Young elduber looks pretty distressed himself, like he's the one being Dfd, he's probably wondering "what a hell am I doing here?" or maybe is worried that he'll end up in evening news, lol

    But, looks like the guy being dfd didn't really want to be jdub anyway, nor does he sound like one anymore, so not a big deal.

  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    I never said he was a complete asshole for airing HIS opinion. When I said he came across as an asshole, it was the way I felt they probably took it and most non jw will take it, including my work mate. I never said that as a person he is an asshole! Do not put words in my mouth! You say I implied it! That is like a JW saying the bible implies that Christ died in 1914. You WANT to believe that, so you can tear me down as a person for having a different opinion than you. This is the same as all JW's wanting to believe that all non JW Christians are evil people and that all Catholic priests molest children.

    Im sorry you cant handle someone believing different than you. The difference between you and I is this. I dont care how you saw it, and I dont care if you agree with me. I know people see things differently, and im fine with that. I also dont care to argue with you. I feel that the original poster took it as an opinion, and Im sure that he doesnt care if I liked it or not.

    The sad thing is this. I could have said, great job on the video! Man those Elders are assholes and look how stupid they are! Man they dont even know how to read! All Elders are stupid and not one of them even cares about people. The only thing that would have made this video better is if you would have pulled out a gun and shot and killed them both! Yah, that will show them assholes. Thats the real knocking documentary. Or better yet, lets suicide bomb the kingdom halls and tar and feather them!

    If I said these things I guess you would have given me a high five! Just because the WT is a bully and some Elders are jerks doesnt mean that you have to stoop to there level. Im done talking about this because its trivial and ridiculous! From now on I will just agree with whatever you say. Is that cool? I will kill you with kindness from now on just like I do the brainwashed Elders. After all apparently you have a temper problem just as you insinuate in your profile.

  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    JT you said

    if you just show this video to a nonjw without any context or explanation --of course he may veiw the person recording it a "jerk"

    I would be inclined to agree with you but just as Sunspot pointed out.

    This IS typical WTS at its best, without a doubt. It shows ALL the flaws, flubs and warts in mere minutes and leaves nothing to the imagination. It demonstrates an excellent example of WTS thinking, strategy, lack of love, and total foolishness.

    In fact you could just skip Crisis of Conscience, Gentile times, In Search of Christian Freedom and go straight to this video. Its all there in mere minutes

  • MadTiger

    If I was just some worldly person off the street, I would think, damn, that is some strange shit. How can you kick someone out of something without them even being there?

    But having been in the organization and an MS, I am like, wow, those too are Borg Bozos. Especially the older one.

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