New Video of DF announcement at door

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  • carla

    Dozy-------I felt quite sorry for the elders - they were trying to do their job and had a camera stuck in their face and a sarcastic , taunting individual who clearly didn't treat their visit seriously. How would you ex-elders have handled a situation like this?------------------- Your kidding right? Just how was he 'taunting'? How seriously should you handle it when someone who claims to be led by the Holy Spirit comes knocking on your door to try to destroy your life? So if I come knocking on your door and tell you some ridiculous things you must or must not do and claim I am led by the Holy Spirit you will listen to me? I think the HS is telling me to tell you, to give me all your money. To me that is how you sound. You sound still under the influence of the wt and that they have any sort of association with God. Why should they be treated any different than the trick or treaters coming to the door? Maybe the elders should handle things in a Biblical way and they wouldn't have ex members ready and willing to speak at churches and anywhere else they will be welcomed. Maybe they should drop their unbiblical teachings and they may have better luck in society. If as a whole the jw's didn't act in such an unchristian way, there wouldn't be anything much to talk about to others. If you want to know why Danny H comes off a bit harsh, I suggest you read his story then form an opinion. Not just what he puts up on different places on the net. Read his story, then read a few more to get a better picture of just what the wt really does to people. Then go to Silentlambs and read some of those stories. Then come back and tell us how serious anybody should take any jw knocking on our door.

  • TooOpinionated

    Sarcastic?? I thought he was holding back, actually. Just because they were elders doesn't mean you are to act submissive and take anything they say to you without question. Too many people think submissive and respect are the same thing, when they are not. Goes back to Witness-think again.

    We never got a certified letter. I was waiting for it. Just plain old mail. Were they hoping it would get lost? Didn't get 3 of them, either, only 2. Wouldn't have mattered, anyway. Those are THEIR rules, not mine.

    Sure, the guy couldn't see in the light. We all know it didn't make him a poor reader. But he COULD have dropped by to see why Schne_belly hadn't contacted them by a certain time if he TRULY cared about their well-being. He would have been worried, and a visit to see if he could help closer to the time of the JC would have spoken volumes.

    Failed on all counts.

  • AuldSoul
    I wonder why they still used the term "disfellowship" when the new om book uses the phrase "no longer one of jehovah's witnesses".


    On the card they fill out for their God in New York (<--- Governing Body) there is still a distinction between the two. There is also a difference in the process if someone decides (<--- read "is emotionally driven") to return to their grasping clutches.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i didn't read all 9 pages. but did anyone see the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS RUNNING DOWN THE SIDE OF THE DOOR POST? I'M SURPRISED NO ONE CAUGHT THAT. WHICH bring up more questions. why was he df'ed ,or is this a bogus tape. john

  • observador

    I just wanted to say that although the elders did a good job handling the situation, "inbyathread" did an even better job by keeping his poise, his control, and commanding the situation.
    Is this type of collection and coolness that I think is so beautiful.
    His initial statement about doing a documentary on the "tactics of a high controlling religion" and question about the "holy spirit" were soooooo precious...
    When a person does what "inbyathread" did, it clearly, and I mean CLEARLY, shows that the Organization holds NO MORE power over him/her. It sends a powerful message across: "I am cool; you're not in control of my life any longer; I AM."
    Thank you for showing us how to do it.


  • AuldSoul
    I checked his posts and the DF person says that he has visited several churches and offered to give talks and provide literature that is anti-JW. Did he really expect not to be DF?


    Welcome to the forum. I am sure he did expect to be disfellowshipped. Isn't that a sad thing?

    If someone stops identifying themselves as a Baptist to become one of Jehovah's Witnesses, other Baptists can still talk to them even though they are apostates. The same is true for Catholics, Buddhists, Shinto, and oh so many others.

    Only among extremist religions do you find this requirement of rejecting anyone who leaves as someone who cannot be spoken to. That means—and this may not be news to you—Jehovah's Witnesses are an extremist religion.

    I felt quite sorry for the elders - they were trying to do their job and had a camera stuck in their face and a sarcastic, taunting individual who clearly didn't treat their visit seriously. How would you ex-elders have handled a situation like this?

    The elders you felt sorry for were carrying out an unscriptural and foolish directive that had been handled in an unscriptural way. Their "job," in this case, was given them by the Governing Body and appears nowhere in the Bible as a responsibility of elders. Why, pray tell, should the victim have treated their mockery of Godly principles seriously?

    I am sure the majority of the ex-elders (and current elders) who post here have been in situations where they also felt compelled to carry out these foolish and unscriptural directive from the Governing Body in much the same way, but most (if not all) of them would have done so off camera. Certainly while still believing the "Governing Body" doctrine they would have carried out their directives.

    I wonder what your point is? Should people enable such egregious conduct but treating them as though they have some authority to behave this way toward people, or is it alright if people choose to make them feel just as foolish as they actually are for engaging in it?


    I have submitted the link to the video from inbyathread to I think Rado has started a thread that has a flash version of the video (works on all platforms and browsers), the more times fark get this submitted the more likely it is to attract attention. Don't use identical subject titles, that will just annoy them.


  • AuldSoul

    And just to make clear, the person in the video is schne_belly. inbyathread helped get the video posted to the Internet.

    Thanks to you both!

  • inbyathread

    There were a couple of comments that I hope to be able to respond to for Schne_belly

    No those are not Christmas lights but white lights hung around the door post. This type of light system is available and used year round.

    As to the whether he received letters or not please read what I copied from the Watchtowers own internal publication "Our Kingdom Ministry" this one is dated 05/2002 page 7



    · Why is there a need to exercise caution when witnessing by mail?

    Giving a witness through the mail is a time-tested method of sharing the good news. Recent developments on the world scene, however, have made people cautious about opening unfamiliar mail. Envelopes from unknown sources or with no return address are often viewed with suspicion, especially if they are handwritten and bulky. Householders may discard such mail without opening it. How can we prevent this from happening?

    If possible, both the letter and the envelope should be typewritten. The envelope should be addressed to the householder by name. Do not address it to "Occupant." In addition, always provide a return address. If it is not advisable to show your personal address, give your name and the Kingdom Hall address. Do not send letters anonymously. Never use the address of the branch office.—See the November 1996 Our Kingdom Ministry Question Box.

    Further suggestions and a sample letter can be found in Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education, pages 71-3. These guidelines will help us to use letters effectively to reach others with the good news.

    Schne_belly was just following the WTS own words for protecting himself and his family.

  • Honesty
    And to Honesty: It was not me 'inbyathread' that was tried in absentia but schne_belly. Some may have gotten confused with this. He did the taping. It was him that got the ax. I just did some technical stuff and got it posted for all to see.

    I'm sorry I got you guys confused. As I watched the video my mind drifted back to the time when I acquiesced to the demands of the local BOE and met with two elders to answer several charges that I had violated Watchtower doctrines.

    In my opinion, Schne_belly handled himself with dignity as he came face to face with Satan in that video.

    Any JW who sees the video and denies that the Watchtower is more interested in maintaining their control over a person than in helping him or her is to be pitied.

    Bob Evans Walland, TN

  • dozy

    "If someone stops identifying themselves as a Baptist to become one of Jehovah's Witnesses, other Baptists can still talk to them even though they are apostates. The same is true for Catholics, Buddhists, Shinto, and oh so many others."

    Poor argument. Many leave the JW religion every year and any witness can speak to them.

    The individual hasn't just left the JW religion - he actively canvasses against it in local churches. Any Catholic who actively preached in Protestant churches denouncing his former religion as a cult would very quickly be excommunicated from his church. A former Baptist that I know who is now one of Jehovah's witnesses is virtually shunned by people she used to to church with.

    How do you interpret the scripture which talks about "Not even saying a greeting" to such ones? To what kind of people shouldn't we speak to?

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