My web sites: and Forced into the jw religion during childhood. Tried extremely hard to believe but always had doubts. Read the Bible twice, old publications from 100+ years ago. Almost died several times due to my mother's refusal of medical care. Was read scriptures about the resurrection while lying there dying. My book about this experience is at the link above. What little $ I earned from my part-time job was confiscated so I would not have freedom to leave. Was physically prevented from taking college entrance exams and was forced to pioneer instead. Went to pioneer school. Hated every second of field service and never made my 90 hrs/month quota. Field service and some of the worst misogynistic bullying/emotionally abusive behavior from fellow sisters was the final straw. I stopped attending meetings and FS. Started to hide cash for a security deposit on an apartment so I could escape. Unfortunately the physical abuse escalated before I was able to save enough, so I had to escape literally with just the clothes on my back and a tiny amount of money. A worldly person I barely knew took me in without any notice. Struggled financially due to ongoing lack of healthcare. Finally, put myself through college and worked in psychiatry, where I treated several jw abuse victims and became an eye witness to the org's horrifying cover up of child molestations. Found this forum when I wanted to vent about a family issue caused by jws many yrs after leaving. Thought I was going to stay for a week--now it's been over a decade. This forum has helped me greatly in making sense of what happened to me and releasing my anger.