Huge shock!

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  • bull01lay

    Hiya matey...

    I don't know what to say about your Dad's response - I wouldn't want to be in his situation - keeping important good family news from one daughter on the whim of the other daughter; it's not nice to be played off like that.

    I can't understand the reasoning behind your sis not wanting you to know - how in hell could that possibly hurt... ??

    We all know this cult makes people behave in strange ways, maybe there is some comfort in that - your sis is acting out of character ?? You've been away for a long time now, and she will have had much more propoganda bombarded at her day and night to reinforce that she has done the correct thing (in their twisted view)

    Sorry you found it in a ham fisted way too.

    Thinking of ya, and I'm sure your B/F is giving you all the support you need right now - he sounds like a really nice chap !!


  • skyman

    The bastards. My brother did the same thing to me. His son was married this summer and I was not told about the Wedding and our family's use to be very close before I left the BORG. I HERE YOU LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!!!

  • woodsmanhere

    Sorry to hear that. And sorry to say your Dad ain't much of a man. Again, sorry.

  • delilah

    ((((((((((((((((((Crumpet))))))))))))))))))))) It's an absolute horrible thing to go through....but don't let them get you down, are a good person....THEY are missing out, shunning you like that. Hopefully, one day, our families will come to their senses, (don't hold your breath, though) and we will be ready with open arms....cause that's the kind of people we are.....


  • dedpoet

    Hi Crumpet,

    I only just read about this, and I am so sorry to hear that you are going through it.

    just remember, YOU are the normal one, the way thet have treated you is not the actions of a normal, rational human.

    take care


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow Crumpet I just read this for the first time. I could assume that they thought they were being kind in not telling you about the wedding. But even that is so lame

  • Crumpet

    Its 2.15 in the morning - I lost my connection to the web earlier and came upstairs and cried myself to sleep staring at the photo of my sister.

    Anyway I just woke up and logged on and am so touched and overwhelmed by how much you all care.

    Crumpy, sorry I have come late to this thread.

    so you should be katiekitten - i was waiting for you to say something! only kidding...

    Bull - thanks for reminding me of this aspect - that yes I have been away for sometime and my sister is bound to have changed as have I. (BF can be nice but he got home from work two hours ago and still hasn't come upstairs...)

    Nicolau - I hope you have gone to sleep but if you haven't remember its round about time for the vigil for OutnFree. I've been thinking good thoughts for her every time i woke up - its really helped take my mind off tormnting myself about my sister and my dad - I've desperately wanted to text back something horrid so he knows just how hurt I am, but I'm resisting. I hope he couldn't keep his mind on the meeting last night - i hope his conscience was troubling him. How would he feel if I really did have their grandchild and didn't bother to tell them for a couple of years or instructed him not to tel my sister - would he respect my wishes...

    And so it goes round and round in my head...

    Thank you again all of you - especially sunspot for sharing that story and all of guys and gals who have been filled with righteous indignation for me!

    crumpet x

  • one of 12
    one of 12

    I hope it helps to know that many of us have been there too. We all cope with the emptyness differently.I comisserate with you. Two of my brothers have got married that I didn't hear about until after the event and sadly to say also that both my nana and grandma, as well as an uncle also died and were buried long before I found out. With hubby, we turned up to his mothers funeral and asked if his grandma was coming only to be told that she died a year earlier.And we havn't been d'f!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heretic

    My fam have been great with me compared with this BS.

    I just got back from OS (remember me from the bbq crumpet?)

    told my old man i cant see myself going back to the truth anytime soon and its not because i wanna live in sin through weakness, but ive learnt a few things about the WBTS that make me doubt they are who they claim to be. I said Id let him know if he wants to hear it he said yeah tell me, so i told him about 'quotes' and his embarrassing site and the UN issue and left it at that. hopefully he'll let it stew for a while. i see light, it seems possible. I am grateful, my situation is much better than others it seems.

    So my humble advise, let him (and perhaps also an elder or 2) know that you dont have any intention of coming back and that shunning you to this extent is not going to help in any way.

    Good Luck.

  • Sunspot
    Thank you again all of you - especially sunspot for sharing that story

    I had hoped that I didn't seem to be playing the "my situation is worse than yours" game in my post to you....I was only going to tell a little bit about it so you could see the comparison, but I seemed to have gotten carried away as it all came back to me (all over again).

    I DO want to say....about the crying and feeling sorry about have every RIGHT to do BOTH! You have been hurt and treated in a very mean-spirited people that are "supposed to" love you!

    If you want to cry sad tears or healing ones---or scream obscenities in the shower---or punch your pillow.....whatever makes you release all that frustration and anger is OKAY! You needn't apologize to anyone here or at your are entitled to ALL the feelings and emotions that have overwhelmed you!

    It WILL pass, or maybe I should say....that you'll learn to adjust and cope with all of this. ANYTIME you'd like to rant or vent, feel free to PM me, okay?

    big hugs....


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