I am third generation Borg. Believed very deeply. Years ago at my book study a brother asked a question that was to have a profound effect on my life and my family. A well meaning brother asked why he could not auto-transfuse himself when the reason the Society says we can’t was because the blood could not used because it coagulated so had to be poured out on the ground. Then he said why can we use fractions, are not the fractions taken from blood that has coagulated? Then later I found out that the Organization was compromising with the nations of this world all of this opened Pandora's box. Which allowed me the right to finally study and find out the real Truth about the Society. I was shocked and scared all at same time from the information I found. It has been very hard for me because I had been taught from infancy too never compromise the Truth. To find out the real Organization was like a white washed grave full of dead men's bones was almost more than I could take. My wife left once and said she was not coming back unless I went back to the meetings. She came back home and decided to look at the information I had found out about the Society. She quite going to meetings also and has been even bolder about it than me. We have two loving children and very happy about learning the truth before we brain washed our own children like our parents did to us. I have sit on judicial meetings and judged others thinking I was doing God's cleaning for his Congregation. Man, I wish I could change some of my past especially when it hurt others. It has been a big shock to the local congregation that I have quite going. When asked I say the Society joined the UN what more reason do you want?