Born into organisation, baptized at 13, married for 22 years to bigmouth. We have had seven children, the first died at birth. One is living with her partner and an eight month old daughter and one flats in a nearby town and chases rubbish truck for a living. The other four are still at home, at school. I have never been truely happy in the borg, and now that we are not associating any more, my children are the happiest I have ever seen them. Katie would have been 21 last year, the next is 20, then 19, 17, 15, 13 and 10 years old. Even though I have never talked bad about the borg or been df'd or da'd, I have been shunned since 1993 when my hubby took sick with a mental illness. I am one of twelve children.I have six sisters and 5 brothers. Mum had 7 girls first, me in the middle,and then the five boys last.