Huge shock!

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  • Cori


    Its sad that a religion or cult that states to follow God's idea of love, hurts so many people. Im sorry you are going through painful time. Things will look up! I hope for it for you.

    In my thoughts...


  • Golf

    You said it Crumpet,"...its' beyond's unbelievable."

    I'm sitting here shaking my head. I wish I could say something that would give you a huge boost.



  • Jez

    Hi Crumpet, here is the most recent thread about my situation:

    Relationship with SIL is rebuilding, love her so much, my mother has still not contacted me, not one word, my brother is the same, but tried emailing each other a bit. I sent him an 8 page letter about my life, what a blessing getting df'ed was, how scriptually wrong it is, how much my spirituality grew during those 4 years, how I got reinstated for the ones that did not shun me, not for the ones that did. How much he hurt me and owes me an apology and until I get it, that I feel it necessary to shun anyone that does not practice the kind of love Jesus showed. I basically tried to debunk his myths surrounding df'ed ones.

    Cheers, Jez

  • katiekitten

    Crumpy, sorry I have come late to this thread.

    What they have done to you sucks, and doesnt even have any witnoid justification, and they know it. They are just being spiteful old gibbers. Although its harsh, surely this is the right thing to make you leave behind any guilt or obligation you feel about looking after themas they get old and incontinent.

    I cant imagine what it feels like. They dont deserve you hunny.

  • Pistoff

    They are just unbelieveable.
    My brother's son and daughter both REFUSED to let him know where they were getting married; this is AFTER he was reinstated.

    Truly the spirit of love and forgiveness, eh? God can forgive Manasseh, but they can't forgive you for some perceived sin?

    I hate this religion more than words can describe.

  • nicolaou

    Oh crap! Found this thread and can't get your shitty situation out of my head crumpet. Gonna be thinking of you all night - and not like I usually do! Honestly, it's time like this I want to to get us all together and buy everyone a beer or five. I know it's corny but, we are family!

    Love you girl.

  • Es

    Oh babe im so so sorry. Thats terrible, inhumane.

    I remember when i was still in the borg my brother didnt tell me when he was getting baptized, and told my dad not to tell me either it hurt like hell and i was still in the borg. So i can only imagine the pain and hurt you must feel.

    I do like the idea of sending a card tho, let them see it hasnt effected you thats what they want, they are winning if you dont.

    We are here for you


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia


    Just checked back and found out about your 2 sisters. What heartless twits they are! Where is the love? Don't they know what we know.....That you are wonderful!

    I'm sorry that you have to endure this kind of cruelty.

    They will have a day of reckoning and have to face what they have done and how they have fallen short of true christian love....

    I hope you win the lottery and make them grovel!

    Chrystal aka Why Georgia

  • DanTheMan

    Good grief. I can't even believe JW's sometimes. I'm so sorry that your dad has become so inhuman.

  • Sunspot


    I KNOW how awful this feels. Been there with a little different twist on the circumstances. I wouldn't bother to call him or do anything in retaliation at the moment. Justifiably, your pain is making your mind race in many directions, but putting something in a paper would not make them see the error of their ways, so to speak. It would only emphasize (to them) how "far from the trooth" you have fallen.....and serves no real purpose.

    A few months after I DAed myself, my superfine reg-pioneer elderette daughter was planning a big wedding (her 2nd) and had invited all my adult kids (5) to the event. She had made the decision to not even let me know about it. One of my sons felt bad about this nasty and heartless move of hers, and emailed me about a week before it was to take place.

    Naturally, hubby and I were shocked by this---not even being NOTIFIED of the wedding, and having one of my nonJW sons and my 10 year-old nonJW grandson IN the wedding! We didn't even rate an invitation! She obviously didn't even want me there, knowing the rest of our family would be.(she lives in FL---we're in upstate NY! It's not like we were going to "show up" unannounced!) It was just a plain rotten and totally shitty unchristian thing to DO.

    What I did, was to go out and pick out a really lovely gift that I KNEW she would drool over and sent this and an "WTS-appropriate" card (no "good luck on your wedding day, etc). I was determined to be the bigger person here and show HER and her new ELDER hubby what asses I thought they both were in my own way. At least they couldn't raise their eyebrows in disgust and condescension at what I did in retaliation to THEIR terribly rotten behavior.

    Since then I have discovered (one day two of my kids who let out a longstanding "secret" that she had told them,) that was a downright filthy lie that NEVER took place, but she had been spreading around FOR YEARS I found out later. Of course SHE didn't know that I had been told, not speaking to me and all.....until three months AFTER I came out of the ICU and had gone through rehab for two strokes and a heart attack (the day of the ER and the ICU, my son had left messages on her answering machine that were never acknowledged) and she ups and decides to fly here to NY to "visit" me. Not a card or a phone call in those three months...Someone had seen her at the airport when she arrived and asked her why she was up here.....and she had this song and dance about her poor Mother almost dying (which WAS true) and about how she was coming here to "be with me" (gag) such hypocrites!

    I let her get all the way to my elder neighbors home (three houses away from here), to call me to see when she could come hubby answered the phone and told her flat out that I didn't want her anywhere near me, and he also told her just what her siblings had told us. So these things have a way of coming back around them and biting them square in the ass. You just have to "pick yer moments" LOL! They'll come!

    Keep your chin AND your spirits up....this is not a normal situation and these are not normal people. The WTS has hardened their hearts into stones and convinced them it's a "loving thing to do". What total crap.

    My heart goes out to you and I am sending the biggest hugs I can find Sweetie....

    ***Evan according to the rules we should not talk to disfellowshipped individuals.


    What about those who have walked away from the WTS knowing what deceivers and liars they are by disassociating ourselves from a hateful and unchristian pretend religion? WE were not disfellowshipped for acting in a manner unbecoming a Christian, but left of our own accord for being disgusted at the things we found out AFTER we were baptized. But we are treated (as you can SEE) as if WE had done something low and slimy, yet most of us are leading very normal lives and not abusing alcohol, tobacco or each other.

    Its ALL WTS rulez because the WTS sez....and that doesn't cut it with us any longer. Deliberately and purposely CAUSING emotional pain while ripping families apart CANNOT be seen as "Christian" no matter WHAT scriptures they cobble together to support their cultic beliefs!

    Annie............who still cannot believe what the WTS followers are capable of doing.

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