Huge shock!

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  • Forscher


    I am sorry to hear about your experience. Right now I am not allowed to see several of the Grandchildren because my stepson's inlaws consider me bad association. Never mind I am not DF'd or anything like that. The love of those who worship the WTBTS really astounds me at times!
    What I'd like to say is to take the high road. Reply that you are happy that your sister married and that the door is always open should she like to say hi. That, more than anything else, will get your Dad's goat and probably result in a self-righteous reply about how you have brought this all on yourself, and need to get things right with the "mother" organization. Sadly shake your head, as you read that diatribe, and pity the man for being so bound in slavery that he can't see the woods for the trees. Reply to him that the judgemental attitude is not reciprocated on your part, and that you love him. Then sit back and enjoy the fact that YOU took the better way.
    If that doesn't give you some satisfaction, nothing will.


  • Crumpet

    Little Toe you don't mean that! I should go activist! No Way! It would be bad luck to accept your advice i think on the grounds my toe broke yesterday - the little one - just before the JWs came round. o h jeez does anyone have reasoning from the scriptures about fatalism and preominitions!

    Forscher - I have decided in my heart that my response is hapiness for my sister is married. It is the best route.

    And AK Jeff i Was secretly hoping my favourite hubby of gina and father would post here,. Thank you

    And Jex - the fmly here is how I have survived this long afternoon. Hows your situ ging - haven't caught up with yours for ages/ do you still attend? Hows it all going?

  • mouthy

    silence is the loudest response >>>your B/F said

    Sounds to me like you have an intelligent boyfriend sweetie!!!! Thanks for the nice response to my answer ((((HUGS)))

  • anewme

    Crumpet, maybe your dad did tell you last year, but, you were shall we say "incapacitated".
    Is that a possibility?

    I only suggest it from my own experience, and to slow your shock and anger.

  • Crumpet

    thanks anewme! jeez - i would remember this!

    No he didnt tell me - if you scroll back you'll see he apologises for not telling me because my sister didnt want me to know.

  • LittleToe

    I forgot to mention; your latest avatar looks really cute (in a good way)

  • Crumpet

    thank you LT in good way - i took it yesterday but you can't quite see my broken Little Toe.

  • Jamelle

    Crumpet - I will add my feelings of sympathy to those that have already been posted. Your story really hit home with me due to my own situation which is very similar.

    My family (mother, father and younger sister) have shunned me completely for years now. Although invited to my wedding they declined to come. We haven't spoken since. I could have died around Labor Day this year due to a blood clot that formed after routine knee surgery - I didn't call them to let them know I was in the hospital - I felt that I couldn't handle dealing with their issues on top of what I was already going through...

    I guess what I am trying to say, with all the compassion I can, is that your family is missing out on YOUR life. And for doing that, they are both blind and foolish.

    You deserve better than this! {{hug}}


    So sorry for what you are having to go through!!!

    I'm glad that you have taken the high road and not only makes them feel better, like they are fighting the Devil himself! By being nice, they will think that you've got your life together and that causes more hurt than anything. They really want to see you having it tough, thus proving that you aren't doing good because you're not listening to Jehovah. It truly is a sickness perpetuated by the WTS. If you feel like saying congratulations to your sister through your Dad, go ahead. If you can't bring yourself to say anything, just let it go. By now your Dad has told your sister that you know....maybe wait and see how that plays out. One thing that I carry with me and remind myself of quite often, is something I learned in therapy. Deal with reality! Things are the way they are and deal with them on that basis. You can't deal with problems based on the way you wish things were...I know you wish your family didn't treat you this way, but look how they ARE treating you. Get a game plan together that is going to work for YOU and stick to it. It may be that you need to cut off contact with them, so that they can't get under your skin like this.....think about it, this could go on for the rest of your life. It may be that you can deal with just the occasional text from your Dad, but realize that he's not going to tell you family matters. Just some things to think about...I hate to see them mess with your's a delicate thing and you deserve better.


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Nothing to add except sorry you have to go through this crap.

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