Huge shock!

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  • mouthy

    After reading A68 storms post. I feel so sad. I KNOW this man personally. He is a BRICK!!! to put up with all he has put up with from his JW wife.I have seen this man go to all lengths to bring his family together...He has done SO much for them all.

    When DEFD posts his loving remarks of the WT .Can you imagine how this man ( A68) feels. Defd is doing exactly as he is trying to do RILE people... He is an agent of the WT. & I have to say to all who "SUCK UP" to him SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!


  • defd

    When DEFD posts his loving remarks of the WT .Can you imagine how this man ( A68) feels. Defd is doing exactly as he is trying to do RILE people... He is an agent of the WT. & I have to say to all who "SUCK UP" to him SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

    Mouthy that is what I am talking about. This thread was started almost a week ago. I made only 2 comments I think. They were sincere and nice, none directed at you by the way. But LOOK! almost a week later you take your MEAN jab at me. This is exactly why I dont respond to you 99% of the time and why I call you mean. Look, lets do this I will leave you alone and you LEAVE me alone. Fair enough?

    Def D.

  • Crumpet

    ohhhh - okay i dont mind this hapening on my thread okay, but also shame must be on me as I have tried to be tolerant to defd too., mouthy. I did try to post yesterday on ladylees thread, but i dont think it stayed - but anyway i said along the lines that I appreciated that defd had been respectful since admonitions kindly given that he hadnt accorded maturer ladies the respect hey deserve. does that make me a sucker-upper - maybe. I've been called worse.

    People can grow and defd seems to be. only he can assess his sincerity and only we can decide if he is longterm through a consistency of sincerity and respect.

    i shall be the first to clobber him if he isn't, but can we judge him on progressive posts .... am i just being too nice or naive.

  • carla

    What I don't get is how any jw can read this thread alone and remain a jw. Godless, loveless society that it is. I can see exactly where my own family is heading. One child would have nothing to do with jw dad if possible. But otherwise remains cordial with him. Probably out of respect for me partly. My kids all say they don't want him at their weddings. That will be some time off in the future but still, to already be thinking ahead so far for children, it's just sad.

  • 68storm


    How dare you pick on my favourate Granny! And she even was loving enough to give you a hug!

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Mouthy for many years now. As far as I am concerned, God had me suffer 25 years of jw abuse just to lead me to Mouthy. She is the only good thing that happened to me being involved with a witness for that long.

    God does work in mysterious ways!

    I don't know anything about you, but from reading some of your posts, I can assure you that a hug would be the last thing on my list to give you. Hint: ( I am Sicilian!).

    I can see that you at least have your mind a little bit open just by being here. If in the future, it opens further and you are able to discover how you have been duped, I can assure you that you will be most embarrassed recalling some of your comments.

    No offence intended! I know it's not entirely your fault.


  • mouthy

    .... am i just being too nice or naive.

  • mouthy

    .... am i just being too nice or naive.

    In my opinion YES!!!

    DEFD All I can say is I will Never leave you alone.... You are in a cult... Needs the light to see it.I dont mind if you NEVER answer me. But I am mouthy... & since I have a brain to think with ( & I use it now I can ) I will always say what I think..... But I pray for you constantly.....

    Thanks A68 for the very loving things you said about me....((((HUG)))

  • Effervescent

    Crumpet- I missed this the first time around, but I just wanted to say I feel for you! It's things like this that are such a shock to the system. You think you are moving along with your life quite well, dealing with the past issues and doing just dandy and then "whack!" you hit that brick wall of JW "love" again and you're emotionally right back where you started.

    I had the same exact thing happen to me, although I found out about it alot quicker than you did. (I have family members that race eachother to spill the beans to other family members) It seemed to me at the time (after I calmed down) that this was just a game. They know that you're going to find out eventually, and this is just another outlet for them to make their point. I've found that theyll use any excuse to remind you that you're being shunned, in fact, they'll go out of their way to pour salt in your wounds. Personally, I think these games they play reveal a larger psychological issue they have with their own misery, anger and helplessness and having to drag dissenters down to their level. How dare you think for yourself and have a life anyways. For shame! Why can't you just be miserable and silent like us!

    From reading your posts in the relatively short time Ive been here, you seem to be a very dynamic woman. More power to ya! You definatly were NOT the one who lost out in this situation!

  • loosie


    I feel for you. ((hugs))

    Are you in the market to adopt a slightly older sister. I will talk to you, I'm funny and After 10 years of marriage I still glow, if you know what I mean.


  • Crumpet

    Loosie - I loved that image of you glowing after 10 years of marriage! I can just see this big woolie sheep with a red lightbulb on the inside now.

    You bet I'm in the market for older sisters - I've never had an older sister before!

    hugs crumpet x

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