Flat earth vs round earth

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  • jp1692
    MrRoboto: When you measure the movement of the earth, there is no measurable movement.

    How do you not see that you have contradicted yourself in this sentence and written an internally illogical and incoherent statement?

  • waton
    Actually, on a flat plane you cannot "see forever" but your horizon is the same as on a round earth of the size commonly put forward. Complete with increasing height making the horizon farther away. However, when you use high-zoom cameras in real life, it turns out

    MrRoboto, the definition of the horizon is where light rays form a tangent (grasing)) the earth's surface before you seeing them. not how far you can see because of fog.

    Using binoculars, you can actually see a ship's funnel appear, then rising , and then fully climb over that "hump" in the distant sea. see?

    On a clear day , night really, we, (the Austr-aliens) can not quite see forever, but 2.5 million light years away, to Andromeda, by comparison, to the end of your flatland,s edge, it's horizon, , it's a mere 1/24 st of a second. With the right magnification you can see light from 13 billion light years away all directions even from the top and the bottom of your plate.

    what a waste of time and talent for you to rise to the defense of the indefensible. remember what Jesus said about the wasted talents? the bible is a book written by flat earthers, this is not the place to defend that. but ,

    iron sharpens iron, for what it's worth.


    I believe there are powerful groups who use religion to stupify the masses, which makes them easier to control. How's that for a conspiracy?

    I was right, because JWIsm is a scam. My critical thinking skills are legit, and I'm very intelligent.

    DD 🤔


    I'll say this:

    If you're a former member of any high control group, you have a battle ahead of you. I'm not sure if any studies support my following opinion, but I think you have a greater chance of being indoctrinated by another "elite" group.

    We all want answers and meaning. There's no shortage of charlatans out there. They have ALL the answers, but it will cost you, one way or the other.

    DD 😎

  • MeanMrMustard

    Flat Earth is God-level trolling. I mean, it is just leaps and bounds above any other trolling attempt in the history of mankind. Hats off to Eric Dubay - 200 hundred proofs the earth is flat. Imagine the sheer amount of trolling focus and will power there!

  • jp1692

    Here's a cool, on-topic article by Ian Whittaker, Nottingham Trent University (November 29, 2017):

    He includes a bit o' history of science for context and then proceeds to deliver the titled thesis.

    Thank you Ian!

  • DJS

    Yes, MrRoboto, you are a flat earther You insult us by acting like you aren't.

    12 countries and the European Space Agency have sent satellites to orbit the earth and send back pictures, geological surveys, weather patterns, etc.. Of a round earth. That means hundreds of thousands of intelligent, educated, committed, ethical people from 13 entities around the globe have worked to develop, launch, manage and benefit from satellites over a timespan of 5 decades.

    To date about 40 countries have sent about 550 individuals to earth orbit, where they can clearly see whether the earth is round or flat. NONE of them have reported a flat earth.

    You would have us to believe that the hundreds of thousands of professionals who developed the science to launch satellites into earth orbit, some of which are geo-synchronized to the earth based on its orbit and its spherical shape, and the millions of educated, intelligent, committed professionals who receive data, photographs, etc. each day from these satellites showing a round earth AND the 550 individuals from 40 DIFFERENT countries are all completely stupid, incompetent and/or in on the ruse? And after 50 years of earth orbiting everyone of these millions of people have kept their silence????

    Is that what you would have us to believe?

    Thoughts have nothing to do with it. The evidence is clear. Also, have you ever seen a lunar or solar eclipse? You can't fake that.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    MrRoboto -

    There is literally no evidence for a flat Earth. We will leave aside the fact that we can see the Earth is a sphere (for the purposes of this discussion) and instead consider that no 'evidence' that is presented for there being a flat Earth accounts for all our observations from this planet.

    The notion of a 'ball Earth' works with physical observations, the notion of a flat Earth would require a whole new set of physical explanations that explains not only ball shaped objects but flat objects also.

    In our observable Universe objects over a certain mass are ball shaped; gravity causes this. We can measure the mass of the Earth and we know this exceeds the minimum required mass to cause it to become ball shaped.

    Most flat Earthers also consider the Earth to be the centre of the Universe with everything orbiting us. That raises a whole new set of questions (such as how can galaxies move faster than the speed of light) as well as meaning the answers we already have (including verified predictions) no longer explain anything. Even maths stops working...apparently.

    But as I said at the start, we can see the Earth is a sphere therefore all suggestions that the Earth is flat have to be based either in a profound ignorance or a profound sense of troll.

  • _Morpheus

    Did i mention the 3 types of people.....?

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

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