Flat earth vs round earth

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  • jws

    Oh, I think there are people who really believe this. I have a FB friend who argues with flat-earth friends of his all the time when they post things to him.

    They believe all of the photographic evidence is faked. And like another poster said, they try to explain one thing away with reason A and another phenomena away with reason B and another with reason C. But reasons A, B, and C can't all be possible. It's nuts. Like so many conspiracy theories are.

    And unlike deriding the evidence, they can simply go get evidence to support their claim. You don't need to be a billionaire to get a boat, get some drone equipment, sail out to this edge of the world and use your drone to fly over the edge and get some pictures.

    Instead of complex mental gymnastics to prove their theories, go get some evidence. Oh, you can't.

  • DJS

    Things that Conspiracy Theorists and JWs have in common:

    1. They both think that they and only they have the real 'truth', while everyone else is wrong.

    2. They both think that they are and will remain a very small minority of people because they are only capable of seeing the 'truth'.

    3. They both have persecution complexes.

    4. They both, on average, have less education than non-CTs and non-JWs

    5. They both, on average, have lower family incomes than non-CTs and non-JWs

    6. They both, on average, have lower IQs that non-CTs and non-Jws. http://bigthink.com/paul-ratner/study-finds-link-between-brain-damage-and-religious-fundamentalism

    7. They both consider only information that confirms their biases. Information that does not confirm their biases is discarded as from Satan or the Unenlightened.

    8. They both pathetically attempt to compensate for a lack of education, intelligence and income by putting on a smug, holier/smarter than thou personality and leveling/putting down those with more intelligence, education, power, influence and income.

    Ex-JW CTs left one cult for another.

  • kairos

    The proof of the curve presented here is truly astounding!

    Maybe someone can post one of the experiments you've done recently that is testable.
    I'd love to see that. Key word being YOU. You've done...

    Math is great way. Your photographs and measurements are also appreciated.


  • _Morpheus

    I love that otherwise intelligent people are arguing a point that most people considered settled in 1492 AD.

    3 kinds of people.

  • cofty

    kairos - I have never extracted DNA but I believe it really exists and that it consists of 4 nucleotides. I have never seen photosynthesis at a molecular level but I believe that leaves do consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen and sugars. I have never visited a deep sea vent but I do believe they sustain a strange ecology, I have never visited a tectonic boundary but I do believe continents are moving.

    The possibility of these things being a conspiracy of lies is infinitely more unlikely than that they are true.

    Conspiracy theorists are the most gullible people on earth.

  • kairos

    Funny thing about indoctrination~

    The PIMI JW will dismiss anything that challenges their world view. ( like my wife )
    The first thing we tell a doubting JW is to do extensive research and make up their own mind. That's the first step in awakening.


    So the big question is, why are YOU afraid to look outside of your accepted worldview indoctrination now?

    Maybe it's easier to to yell 'apostate' and ignore the cognitive dissonance.


    Ironic, isn't it?

    I would love to get some commentary on this one bible verse.
    I can't stop thinking about it.

    2 Thess 2:11


  • cofty
    So the big question is, why are YOU afraid to look outside of your accepted worldview indoctrination now?

    I have spent more than 20 years considering all sorts of ideas. No need to put words in upper-case to get my attention by the way. Facts always catch my attention. Shouting bullshit doesn't.

  • kairos

    show the curve. your observations that you have studied.

    Should be simple.
    It will require some personal effort, however.

    Shoreline location, tripod, zoom lens camera, spherical trigonometry, reliable map for measuring distance.

    spoiler alert:
    The results of this test is ALL OVER YouTube. 1000's of videos.


    I feel like I'm asking a dub to watch the ARC testimony of Geoffery Jackson on YouTube.

  • kairos

    as a side point:

    No need to put words in upper-case to get my attention by the way.

    The use of all caps 'YOU' means everyone, like in the bible...


    I'm not yelling.
    You don't even have to listen.

  • kairos

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