Flat earth vs round earth

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  • freddo

    Can a flat Earther please explain the difference between the night skies in (say) the U.K. and New Zealand? (Northern and Southern hemispheres)

    The view is different in each country because the Earth beneath you is pointing in a different direction.

    If the Earth is flat, the view should be the same.

  • jp1692

    Can a flat Earther please explain the difference between the _____________ in (say) the U.K. and New Zealand? (Northern and Southern hemispheres)

    • Time zones?
    • Seasons?

    Can a flat Earther please explain the _____________:

    • Lunar phases?
    • Eclipses, lunar and solar?
    • Retrograde motion of Mars?
    • Daily tides?
    • Geostationary/geosynchronous satellites: why don’t they fall out of the sky?

    Seriously, believing in a flat earth in this day and age is just so completely, fucking stupid it defies description!

  • TD

    Maybe someone can post one of the experiments you've done recently that is testable.

    What would you consider acceptable?

    Sailing south, the familiar Ursa Major constellations steadily drift a little closer to the horizon each night. Eventually they disappear entirely, and are replaced by the Bayer constellations. I've seen it with my own eyes. (Not recently, but I've never forgotten the first time I saw the Crux...)

    Isn't the geometry here pretty straightforward? (i.e. The points of observation from one night to the next are not coplaner.)

  • TD

    Or if astronomy is not your thing....

    I've struck up a friendship with some cactus enthusiasts in Berlin. (Easy to do if you live in Phoenix...) According to the "round earth conspirators," Berlin is GMT +2 in the summer and GMT +1 in the winter. Phoenix is always GMT -7 because we don't do daylight savings time for some strange reason.

    I Skype fairly regularly with one of these people, but only on weekends because he's eight or nine hours ahead of me depending on the time of year.

    Again, wouldn't the geometry here be fairly straightforward? (i.e. If it's still broad daylight in Phoenix when the sun has already set in Berlin, then our respective locations are not coplaner.)

  • Jrjw

    Jp1962 my brother believes in a flat earth and they don't believe there are other planets. they think a round earth is a conspiracy theory by the government's of the world which is indoctrinated into us through school from childhood to draw people way from God by making people believe there's other life out there with there being other planets when there really isn't and those other planets aren't mentioned in the bible meaning earth is the only (flat) one. He also said the sun moves around the earth 😂😂 its crazy!!

  • jp1692
    Those other planets aren't mentioned in the bible ...

    Oxygen isn’t mentioned in the Bible and yet you’re brother breathes.

    The kind of ignorance and paranoia you describe is stunning for their depth and breadth, particularly in the face of centuries of evidence to the contrary. The paranoia you describe is particularly profound. The stubborn tenacity with which some people will cling to ridiculous ideas seems to know no bounds.

    It’s simply ludicrous to believe an international conspiracy lasting thousands of years with no evidence at all to support it.

    Ask you brother how the government(s) control the sun, moon, stars and other shiny objects in the sky that aren’t any of the above.

  • Jrjw

    Thanks jp1692 I'm gonna use your oxygen comment with him. It made me laugh

  • jp1692

    You’re welcome jrjw.

    Glad to be of help!

  • jp1692

    I was just outside and admired the waxing gibbous Moon in the evening sky. (Some of you will be able to ascertain my approximate longitude from this information and the time stamp of this post; Flat-earthers will not.)

    If anyone of even moderate intelligence carefully observes the Moon through all its phases for a mere 28 days they will come to understand that it is a sphere, not a flat circular disk.

    This is easy to see with your own eyes. Easy. To. See.

    No special equipment is needed, just your brain and at least a moderately good working-memory that can recall things from day-to-day for a month and the same familiarity with basic geometric shapes that the average three year-old has.

    It helps if you understand how light and shadows work, but again the average child of five or six knows enough about this to get it if it’s explained to them.

    • FACT: For those few individuals who may not know, the origin of the word “month” is from the Moon and its cycle, a phenomenon which has been understood since prehistoric times.
  • waton

    All the ardeur here, to convince the flat earthers of their error, is just a standing in effort for what we wish we could do for the spiritual disc joke-ys, the JWs. living in their 2 D disk-o thek world. looking at charts, that are disproving their claims.

    excellent refutations:

    the lunar eclipses at night time, The low polaris as seen near the northern equator region. The jws videos even, the sun rising in what to us Northers looks like the west.

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