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    Hay Gumby,

    I'm with you on this one. I've had about the same experience as you. We can only relate to what we know as true to ourselves. I do think there may be things that we can't know about in this universe, such as what makes our feelings work, like love, hate, honesty, wickedness. Is it genes, do we generate our own selves or is it controlled by outside circumstances that we don't control? In other words, what makes us who we are? Is it totally physical?

    I haven't received an answer yet either and would be afraid to accept an emotional feeling or some illusion as a verifiable answer.

    Ken P.

  • Englishman

    September 1990.

    I was working on my allotment garden, picking the last of that years tomato's whilst squatting down. Suddenly, I felt a blow to my chest, I lurched back on my heels, fell on my backside and felt an incredible shiver of pure terror run right through my body.

    After a few moments, I semi-recovered, wondering if I has had some sort of heart attack. However, I felt OK again and carried on working feeling puzzled about what had just taken place.

    About 10 minutes later, my middle son arrived at the allotment on his bike. He looked very shaken and told me that my youngest son, aged 6 years old, had just been mown down by a car and had been rushed to hospital.

    I dashed to the hospital to find that he had a complicated fracture of his fibula and would be in p[later for a couple of months.

    As I felt the sensation of fear at around the same time as the car hit my son, was his fear somehow transmitted to me? If so, how?


  • czarofmischief

    Who knows, E-man? Who can say? I would be inclined to believe that you and your son are connected on levels beyond mere physical location. After all, 3 million years of human evolution (or special creation) must include protective instincts beyond anything we understand yet...

    And, Cheeses, I'm a little buzzed on riesling at 10 am, so, I'm going to say this: STAY ON THE THREAD TOPIC! If you don't believe in spiritual experiences, we don't need your smart comments on how gullible all of those who believe in the things we've experienced are! Especially on a thread started and dedicated to the proposition that all spiritual experiences are fundamentally real at some level!

    We're not interested in the skeptic's opinions, here. Either contribute something positive or shut up.


  • wednesday

    I had an experience regarding one of my sons . I had a dream that a man with a knife in a long dark coat had attacked him. The dream scared me, but I forgot it. The very next week i called my son only to find out that there had been a man in a long dark coat hanging around their apartment complex, and my son had spotted him and called the police. he disappeared and the police never found him.

    Once around 2 am i was awake and cleaning the bathroom. I felt a strange presence and looked and saw something traveling faster than the speed of light in my hallway. It was as if something just flew through my home. It did not feel friendly. This is one of the only thigns that has happended when i was wide awake . Other things have happened when was in a dream state or pre-dream state, so they can't be counted b/c they are most likely sleep paralysis

    edited to add, i almost forgot, a coworker ande i one night saw somehting , again, faster thna the speed of light, fly accross a hospital hallway. We were both freaked out,, and glad we had both seen it.

    edited to addm my hubby reminded me that once aobut 15 yrs ago we were both in the bathroom , shaving and showering. We both saw , at the sme time, black smoke go through the wall of the bedroom to the outside. the house was not on fire!


  • Blueblades

    OK! Guess where this came from?

    During the thousands of years of mankinds history,man's search for God has led down many pathways.The result has been the enormous diversity of religious expression found worldwide----from the endless variety of Hinduism to the monotheism of Judaism,Islam,and Christendom and to the Oriental philosophies of Shinto,Taoism,Buddhism,and Confucianism.

    In other vast regions,mankind has turned to animism,magic,spiritism,and shamanism.

    Has this search for God been successful?

    If you are searching for the true God,feel free to contact Jehovah's witnesses.Without cost they will be happy to help you to know intimately the Father and his will while there is yet time.

    From all of this there should be Billions of people having experiences from God,Jesus,Allah,Yahweh,or,any other spirit that wants to contact earthlings.

    Why is it always mystery?Maybe it was maybe it wasn't! Why some sign or signal that you have to figure out ?Why some connection to death or something bad happening?Why some stranger i.e.Johnathan Ewards,Gypsy,etc.

    Why not as the BIBLE tells it "Fear not it is I" the words of Jesus,simple, nothing to guess at."Fear not,I'm from God"the words of his messengers,simple nothing to guess at.Why not a visit from your own recognizable loved one?And so it goes,on and on and on!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  • wednesday


  • czarofmischief

    Not sure what your point is, blueblades.

    Who can say why God does what he does. All I'm saying is, even the Bible says, "God is not far off from each one of us, if we but look for him."

    So, if you're looking for God, he'll find you. In whatever form He chooses, presumably one that will aid you in your quest to be a better person.


  • tyydyy
    So, if you're looking for God, he'll find you

    Hmmm. Sounds like you have the answers. Are you sure? Isn't it possible that god doesn't find you but that you find god? I was fascinated by the Penacostal manifestation of the spirit and did some anecdotal research. I found that people usually didn't get the "gifts" (speaking in tongues, paralysis, rolling on the floor, visions and premonitions etc.) unless they really wanted them. It seems that these "gifts" were manifested by a power of suggestion either by thier peers or by themselves. Did god find them? I don't think so. NOTICE THAT I DIDN'T MAKE AN ABSOLUTE STATEMENT HERE. I ONLY STATED MY OPINION BASED ON WHAT I'VE EXPERIENCED.

    What do you think of the little old lady who lifts the car off of someone she loves? Some would say that god gave her that strength. It's not something she would normally be able to do.

    What about Lance Armstrong? Survived a desperate battle with cancer to go on and be the best bike rider in the world again and again. Is that humanly possible. Did god feel the need to intervene? I would try to keep an open mind.


  • czarofmischief

    As for the little old lady - Terry Pratchett says that ants can lift ten times their body weight, but there is no known limit to the carrying capacity of a Spanish peasant grandmother in wartime.

    The problem with trying to scientifically evaluate something like a spiritual experience is that it is completely different in EVERY case. Each person either finds God, or is found by God, at a different point and in a different form.

    Lance is not human.

    I don't have the answers. I have MY answers. I'm just saying that they are out there if you need to find them.


  • gumby

    The idea that there exists the creator of us all who wants us to play hide and seek is ridiculous!

    A loving God says" I will make man , give him all the means to live by, and set the stage for him, then I will sit back and be quite and watch him figure out who I am, where I am, and what my plans are for him.

    I will give him the capacity to wonder about all these things, yet I am NOT going to tell him the answers. I will watch him figure it out on his own ........even if it gets to the point to where they slaughter one another......I will keep quite. If they can't figure out HOW to live properly....they will suffer and die. There will be happy moments in their life.......but there will be many pains also.......and they will all die".

    How do you like this God?


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