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  • czarofmischief

    I've had dreams where there is a clearly voiced statement about my life, and when I wake up I get this idea on how to improve it.

    Like, just the other night I heard a voice say, "You've really f**ked up on JWD."

    No kidding. (God cusses?)

    And when I woke up I decided to write down my story of how I escaped the borg. I'm still working on it. It's turning into a six page manuscript and I'm getting to vent a lot of the rage and pain I've been feeling lately.

    And it happened when I was younger, struggling with the borg. I had a dream that I was floating across a bridge, a metal grid bridge,and there was a glowing red stream below it, and in the stream, I could see struggling sillhouettes chained to the bottom of the stream - trying desperately to break the surface, and I knew that they were drowning for all eternity. And then I floated into a cemetery on a hill above the stream, I was hanging in the air in front of thousands of tombstones, and I could hear a vast crowd talking, like at the district convention. Then a tombstone fell over and a voice like a frog said, "WHITE SATAN!"

    I kid you not. I woke up screaming.

    Now I know that something was trying to tell me the truth about the borg situation, whether it was God or just my subconcious putting together a rather elaborate metaphor.

    I get these dreams and feelings a lot. Nothing useful, like predicting 9/11, but I do seem to be able to sort htings out in my sleep... don't know if it's God, I do believe it is, personally...


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Angels? No.

    As for the other, well I'm not sure what to believe quite frankly. I have some bizarre memories, some almost crazy but I don't know whether to believe what I remember or not. Sometimes I'm convinced nothing unusual happened. Other times, it seems so real and so very frightening. I've posted about a lot of things in my past, but this is one that makes me nervous. Since I don't have any proof, or physical backup I am reluctant to go too much further out on that limb.

  • gumby

    Atheist have had some of the things described here. I guess god reveals himself to them too eh?

    On one hand the believer says God would not reveal himself to godless people and on the other he does so to whom he pleases. You can ALWAYS win with a belief in God because he's never wrong and he can do what he pleases. If this is true then God isn't consistant is he?

    Isn't it odd that in ancient times a whole group of people could testify of God revealing himself, but in modern times it's only on a individual basis. I wonder why that is? Please take your thorazine people and have a cabo wabo and some juice........ and chill ain't real.

    ( edited to might want to twist up a big green fatty to go with the cabo wabo also )


  • Prudence

    I had a intense feeling that my estranged worldly dad 's life was in danger and that he might be dead. I had no way of contacting him. But then, I got a phone call from my mom that week and she told me my dad was dead.

    I have not seen any spirits or angels though. I have had other experiences like the above about different kinds of things.


  • LittleToe

    Was that just a confession I heard? That God even speaks to atheists?
    So there really is no excuse, then?
    Things that make you go "Hmmm...".


    IMHO God does do as He pleases, and IS consistent. It's His poor inconsistent believers that have difficulty keeping track of it all, and describing things properly.
    We all try to make sense of life's subjective experiences. Try giving us "God-botherers" a break once in a while, huh? There's a lot of unexplained things out there.

    Meanwhile, pass the fatty, will ya?

  • borgfree


    You said:

    Isn't it odd that in ancient times a whole group of people could testify of God revealing himself, but in modern times it's only on a individual basis. I wonder why that is?

    I may be wrong, and someone will correct me if I am, but, I think there were times in the bible when God did not deal with humans for hundreds of years including the Jews.

    The fact that we do not see God dealing with humans for the past couple of thousand years does not seem that strange to me, given the above.


  • gumby
    Was that just a confession I heard? That God even speaks to atheists?

    Hey LittleToe,

    I am enjoying you more all the time my friend

    Thank you for being open and having a sense of humor

    My point was Atheist have MANY of the things mentioned here such as deja vu, weird dreams, etc........but not hear voices and see visions and the like.

    I do believe in ESP but have no explanation for it at the time other than it has a scientific connotation to it and not a spiritual one. There have been many cases of people having strong feelings of a loved one in trouble or have just died and a following phone call proved them correct. That would be an intresting field to re-search.

    What I really want to do is examine those who speak in tongues. Heres the idea:

    Record SEVERAL ones who speak in tongues.....then SOMEHOW find out what language they spoke in and anylize the contents of those words. If these ones actually spoke a language that you can prove they had no knowledge of before.....and that language was one of praising God..........then I would have to consider that their is a spirit world. I do not believe that anyone has EVER spoken in a language they do not you?

    The problem would lie in the translating department. The society has a means to put printed material in another translated form.....but nobody has an audible one that I am aware of.

    Gumby...( oh! I almost bogarted the fatty)

    *gumby passes it to Little Toe*

  • Dimples

    OK Frannie, What do you make of this?

    This happened when I was a witness. I never spoke about it until after I left because I was afraid what people may have said or thought.

    I was really sad one morning and I was crying. I had to walk my daughter to school and I had my infant son with us in a stroller. This happened almost 9 years ago because my son turned 9 in May. I took my daughter to class and when she was settled I left and headed home. Everyone was in class by then and the place was quickly deserted. I walked toward the bike rack where there was a exit gate. I was all alone and it was quiet. As I approached the gate, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and to my surprise there was an older woman walking with a stroller. ( I had no idea where she came from, it was like she just appeared out of no where ) She noticed I was upset and asked me if I was o.k. I told her I was having a bad morning but I would be fine. She told me my son was cute. I told her her baby was a cutie too. She told me it was her grandchild. We talked briefly and to my surprise she had cheered me up and I was feeling so much better. She told me she had to go, I told her it was nice talking to her and she told me the same. We said our goodbyes and turned to leave. I turned left and she turned right. I took a few steps and turned around and she was GONE!!! Now the way the street was set up there is no way possible she could have gone across the street to a house that quickly and there were no turns to make, just going straight. It was like she disappeared into thin air just as she had appeared. I had never seen this woman before and I have never seen her again. I had the most unbelievale feeling at that moment. The first thought that came to mind was.... could this have been an angel? I am still wondering????

    What do you think???


  • LittleToe

    IMHO some people take themselves far too seriously. They probably need to get out of the house more often

    Now, see, I've had all sorts of experiences including pretty much all of the biblical ones, barring speaking in tongues, healing folks, bringing back the dead, and being bitten by snakes (there are only adders in Britain, and they are elusive little critters).
    A good number of them involved a bible, an example of which inspired this thread, I believe.

    If I were to take an atheistic viewpoint of them, I'd have to go for some form of ESP too, but there seemed to be far too much intelligence behind them for me to accept that conclusion. It genuinely easier to accept an invisible entity, IHMO, than not.

    I'm lead to believe that some have recorded "tongues" and subjected them to the test you mentioned. I'll see if I can find out more about it, as I don't see it widely distributed. That's probably because the majority of the "Christian" religions don't believe in it.

    I have heard "tongues" spoken in a wide variety of places, with such a similar language that I have little difficulty in believing it comes from a common source.

    I've never had a spiritual experience whilst on alcohol or a fatty though...
    ~takes a drag and passes it back~

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Thanks for handlin' that, Little Toe.....I don't have the tact or patience with certain hecklers that you seem to did it much more tastefully and graciously than I would have....

    Frannie B

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