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  • Prisca

    Awww (((((Gumby)))))) don't feel bad. I would probably be sceptical too if I hadn't had the experiences I had. As I said before, I don't believe it is a message from God or anything, I think that there is so much out there in other dimensions that we're not fully aware of. I'm pretty open minded so I don't care if others don't believe me, and I'm happy for others to be skeptical. Each to their own. We'll all find out in the end, won't we?

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.


    I can appreciate your desire to want to get close to, and be at one with cheeses, but, in the interests of personal (mine) safety and hygene, it may be best that you do some limbering up, a bit of stretching, and make the effort to stick you know what up your own you know what.

    cheeses - who now feels that his attitude may be hindering his access to the emoticons.

  • gumby

    Ok cheeses ya greedy bastard......I'll use my own's kinds used to my own shape anyways


    I think that there is so much out there in other dimensions that we're not fully aware of. I'm pretty open minded so I don't care if others don't believe me, and I'm happy for others to be skeptical. Each to their own. We'll all find out in the end, won't we?

    That's why I like you so much. You are open and honest and willing to believe whatever is true. I don't doubt weird things happen with no explanation.

    The problem is that so many use these things as a reason to believe in the spirit world which is what parapsychologists do. They try to explain the unexplained. If you study ESP you will find much sceptisism as to it's authenticity. However ....sceptics are not always correct as you and I know and they themselves have changed their views from time to time. It is encouraging to know that Modern day science is proving the answes to many things that were once a mystery at quite a fast pace. I hope before we die we will know the answers to many of these things.

    Damn I'm morbid aren't I?

    Anyways ....thanks for the hugs sweetie


  • onacruse

    Hey Mr. gumby, I wanna you should know that I wasn't directing any criticism at you. Your skepticism is perfectly valid, and provokes me to express something that I've very rarely shared (I shared a little bit about this with another poster, and she/he has my permission to ask further questions here of me, if desired ).

    When I was 16, I had a very strong spiritual preoccupation (insofar as JWism can be considered spiritual). I was in intense (and I mean intense) prayer to Jehovah one evening, and specifically offered myself to him to be anointed, and die, if that was his will. In the course of that prayer, I had an "experience" that left me feeling like I'd been 'touched by something.'

    13 years later, as I was being reinstated, I was in a similar 'spiritual mode,' and at that time I felt the "calling." I told my wife, my parents and brothers, and a couple of elders. I was personally convinced, but their generally discouraging comments made me question my experience. I never partook, though the 'feeling' stuck with me for many many years.

    Now, I look back on that episode in my life and see the psychological and social circumstances that 'explain' why I felt the way I did.

    So...I consider skepticism to be a healthy thing, and am thankful for people like you that have made me stop and think.

    btw, dude, you owe me a phone call.


  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.


    frannie has requested me to inform you that she is not ignoring you, but because she is such a chatterbox i.e. prolific poster, she has used up all of her posts for the day, and will grace your worthy presence tomorrow, or, the day after today, whichever comes first.


  • gumby

    Craig ARE too cool

    I think it's pretty damn cute if I may use that word......that you were shy about expressing your dub experiences to us all. You must be as myself......but worse........terrified of being critisised or made fun of. Your dub experience was nothing to be ashamed of telling. I too felt similar feelings of Jehovah's blessings on more than one occation. A warm KNOWING feeling that he was there with me and aiding me. It felt good and I was sure about those feelings. These were not related to being of the annointed however.

    I have done much re-search concerning how the human mind has "equiped itself with a defence devise to cope with our fears and anxieties.The mind can feel and make the body experience many things as you know. The mind can make a person phsycally ill..........and it can do the reverse. It can cause a heart attack from it's perception of something.

    I will call you and explain some more as these long personal posts can boar others. Funny you should remind me to call you as just yesterday on the way home from Oregon back to calif, I was thinking.......I'm going to call Craig. I needed to as I was having sa tough time with what we are discussing. You and Alan F I believe are the only PH#'s I have.

    I'll call .....PM me with your # again in case I can't find it


  • tyydyy

    I've never had one of those experiences but I was there one time when it happened to someone else. A couple of years ago I was dating a woman who was Penacostal. During church services she would lose the use of her legs. She would need crutches to get back to her car or someone would carry her. I was kissing her in the park one day and I touched the small of her back and her legs went stiff. She couldn't move. I had to carry her back to the car. Was this a gift from god? Unlikely. We were both married at the time but not to each other. Of course, being the snake that I am, I told her that it was God telling her that she was doing the right thing by being there with me. {I'm a bad, bad man}

    I have to agree with Gumby mostly on this one. I hope that science will be able to explain some of this phenomenon before we die. I don't think that God is sending us personal messages. Sorry for disagreeing with those of you who have a "personal" relationship with the Almighty asshole who has the power to fix things but just sits back and giggles as another pathetic human believes that he actually loves them.

    I had a very strong feeling once that this girl loved me. Turned out that I was wrong about that feeling. I did feel love. What I felt was real. It just wasn't coming from her. It was coming from me.

    Some of you may remember those "Yearbook" experiences about how the Gestapo would come and search this faithful JW family's home and completely miss the banned literature. Even when they looked right at it. Was that God protecting them? There are millions of stories. We all love to hear them. Some of us just feel pity for the poor uneducated backwoods native who thinks that something "supernatural" is a sign that dog still cares.


  • gumby

    Halleluja! and praise the Lord! Cheeses has made my day, as little fannie has had me a tad feelin like she was a shunnin me. I loves ya fannie ya little fannie farkle!

    BTW. was shunnin me and it was workin. I knew I said some good stuff and you just acted like it went over your head when you was a really steaming. Your a cutie

    Thanks Cheeses for being the "messenger" your forum name depicts


  • gumby

    Hey Tim,

    Thanks for joining the cult of Gumby and agreeing with every single word I said as I will reward you ya rascle

    Just kiddin. I had a shot double shot of some good old tequila tonight and feelin a little squirrely

    I hope that science will be able to explain some of this phenomenon before we die. I don't think that God is sending us personal messages

    Good observation and my feelings too. This observation makes perfect sense if people will be honest.

    All of these stories for many are messages from god in some way though not all who have expressed themselves here claim God was involved at all.......but MANY do.

    The God they usually connect it with is Jesus or the God of the Bible who ever you feel that is ....Jesus or Jehovah. If you connect these things with that God then it is from the bible you percieved him from. If it's from the bible this all really comes from then none of these stories fit with ANYTHING the bible would describe of how God deals with his children. Nowhere will you find these things could be tied in with the bible God within the pages of the bible.

    So.......whom do these things come from?


  • lisavegas420
    Gumby...( oh! I almost bogarted the fatty)

    *gumby passes it to Little Toe*

    ~takes a drag and passes it back~

    It's puff, puff, pass, people, get it right anyone have a light. _______________ I have experienced lots of what I would call weird occurances. Gifts....talents....ESP....coincidences....I don't know, but they are real. My experiences can be anything as inocent as saying 'someone grab the phone' seconds before it actually rings, to telling someone something about theirselves, before they even knew it themselves. Then they would call me later and say how did you know that? I don't know where I get my information it just pops in my head. Lisa

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