Pillowgate - John Cedars

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  • Finkelstein

    So while no one is actually being controlled at bethel, certain things are definitely disallowed. This is really par the course for virtually every organization on the planet.

    Bobby your full of it like the religion you belong to and its very ignorant corrupt leaders.

    JWs are controlled on numerous things, I made short a list just recently on another thread..

    Not to associate or have close friends who are not JWS

    Not to celebrate secular holidays ie. birthdays, Christmas etc.

    Not to attend higher education institutions , University, College or you will be chastised

    a strict dress code and hair length restrictions

    no involvement in governmental affairs, office or participation

    no local community involvement in sports

    Carefully scrutinized to your participation in the door to door service work, hours must be handed in every month

    Pushed to gave talks or Assembly participation.

    Woman are socially degraded in this religion, very misogynistic, cant even hold microphones in the Kingdom Halls.

    Social events such as parties are frowned upon in congregations.

    You are watched as to what movies you see or what books you read.

    You are constantly watched over by all other members as to what you say, if there is any opposing contradictions to the leader's established doctrines, your going to have elders question you privately.

    The WTS leaders got into power and control by lying and deceiving the general public through its own published literature.

  • Listener
    Bobby you say that the org. has every right to have their own rules for Bethelites. What is puzzling me is what rules are being established in this video that only apply to Bethelites and not all JWs?
  • oppostate

    Or you could try the Shrimp pillow from Japan!


    It may smell fishy but it tastes like chicken!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Watching a more detailed rebuttal show how totally fucked up these Governing Body Helpers(Future GB) are. It seems as if they going to the limit to show their loyalty to AM#3 with the hopes that this will secure their future appointment. After all I'm sure all these guys are crafty at moving up the WT corporation ladder.

  • Listener

    Some more gems.

    The definition of flirting is when you treat someone as if you're interested in marrying them but have no intention of not doing so (seems I wasn't flirting with my husband before we dated after all).

    1.41 We get some examples of what porneia is. You might pay a stripper to give you a lap top dance. She grinds her croche on your knee and you get aroused. It can even include provocative dancing where your genitals are rubbing against another.

    If you masturbate in front of each other, that is not porneia but it is a serious sin and needs the elders to deal with it. (Somehow, masturbating whilst watching porn, which can be pictures of real people is not a serious sin and won't get you dfd).

    Apparently, you may sometimes be struggling with same sex desires but that doesn't mean your homosexual. This got me wondering if Tight Pants Tony was behind this talk.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    This got me wondering if Tight Pants Tony was behind this talk.

    You betcha it is. It all sound's like AM#3 insanity and fixation. It even sounds like AM#3 is ready to have a fling he is that fixated on sex and tight pants on men. I wonder if Am#3 is having wet dreams over this whole thing?

    I really think AM#3 shadow(Jungian) is so full of repressed sexual desire that it is ready to bite him in the ass real soon. Denial's a real bitch I tell ya. All these guys are projecting their own sexual repressions and I won't doubt that they are in some deep forms of denial and they seem to be setting themselves up to have a big fall from repressive watchtower's grace by engaging in the things they are condemning.

  • Listener

    Towards the end of the video the viewers are invited to report to the Elders if they have been involved in any of the situations revealed throughout the talk. What a great way to start life at Bethel or they could just as likely send you home for lying on you application.

  • Jehalapeno

    Bobby: here’s how it’s control.

    For years and years and years, since you were old enough to understand what was being said at the meeting, you are told that homosexual desires are wrong and disgusting to Jehovah.

    You go through puberty, and come to find out, you’re attracted to those of the same sex. Because it’s been pounded into your psyche, you feel overwhelming guilt and depression over these desires. You haven’t even acted upon them, but you still feel that way because you’ve been told that homosexuals will not inherit a fictitious kingdom (that you only believe in by accident of birth.)

    You get so depressed over this that the inevitable happens when the brain becomes overwhelmed by negative emotions: your sanity starts to slip. You might start remembering the scripture that says, “The wages sin pays is death...” and that the resurrection will be of the “righteous and The unrighteous...” Then, in your state of mental illness brought on by the ingrained indoctrination you’ve been subjected to, you decide that though suicide is a sin, it’s okay because when you die, you’ve paid for your sins and Jehovah’s going to resurrect the unrighteous too.

    You then decide to take your own life.

    Do you see how these Pharisees’ rules in New York can have control over someone?

    If you think this scenario is far fetched, think again. It’s very close to something similar I went through at one point in my life...even to the point of putting a gun in my mouth. I’m very fortunate that I was able to stop myself and try to just make it to the end of the day.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    @Jahalapeno. Thank you for sharing a very sad ordeal and letting us understand how someone else's spoken and written rules can impact another so horribly.

    So glad you woke up from these hypercritical TV evangelists.

    GB member "Tight Pants Tony" Morris protests so much, it makes me think that he was either:

    Caught too many times staring at young men with a weird smile or look in his eye, that brothers have gone to him in the spirit of Matt 18 to speak to him first to tell him to quit looking at their butts or muscles or genital area or or or. Guys are handsome. It is normal to smile at something pleasant but Tony seems like he can't get enough at looking at all the hundreds of men that surround him each day. So if he can't look, no one else can either.

    Or, his wondering eye has been noted too many times by other GB members and they are questioning HIS sexuality so to "red herring" them, he constantly rants about homosexuals and tight pants, since we all know only homosexuals wear tight pants. Right? Certainly, old, fat Tony, can never fit into anything but his big boy suits with his chin(s) still overlaping his collar.

    Looking at his age, weight and puffiness, I don't think his wife is getting anything... if she ever has in the past 20 years.

    Is Tony Tight Pants sexually frustrated? I would say, yes.

    Is he the one that proposed this Welcome to Bethel video talking to young men and women about their own private functions and thoughts? Enslaving them to work for free is not enough for these slave drivers? They have to micromanage how they sleep and if they wake up with a wet dream it is their fault??? Tony and this new introduction to Beth hell video is disgusting.

    @Bobby. This Pillow talk OP was placed in the jokes and humor section. Like Orphan Crow said..."Is your funny bone broke?". Or, are you one of those sanitized JW's I see in the videos, the ones who look like they not only left their brains at the door but also their manhood. Why would you allow someone else to manage everything you did 24/7? Why?

    Rant over. Sorry.

  • Bobby2446

    Well, thanks Peno for at least having the willingness to reply to the actual question.

    Honestly, I absolutely agree that there are links with being told gay is wrong and depression and suicide, but then it becomes a matter of how suicide correlates religious views on homosexuality. It’s not an issue of control at that point.

    But it’s simply a term that’s been loosely thrown around to scare people and strike fear into them.

    But the fact is that the infantile personal attacks are a result of me forcing people to challenge their own assumptions and analyze their own thinking and conclusions, but since they don’t want to, they lash out.

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