Pillowgate - John Cedars

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  • JaniceA

    Just a few excerpts here from the video and I know more masturbation techniques than I learned in over 40 years of licentious, worldly living! I'm thinking plenty of those young methotrexate being nicely groomed to get off wearing tightly whities. Truly the first time I heard of that being a reason for briefs over boxers. Now I'm going to wonder about those with preferences for briefs over boxers(every male in my life but eldest son)

  • dubstepped

    No, the attacks are because you're purposely being stupid and refusing to get the point of the truth bombs being dropped on your empty head. You're clearly a troll and therefore don't deserve respect. Your questions are dishonest as you don't care about the answers.

    Peno dropped knowledge on you and you STILL refuse to see. He revealed a very personal experience that you brushed off with little more than a thanks, but you're wrong. Nothing anyone said could seep into your brainwashed mind.

    Why haven't you fucked off yet? Oh that's right, because a video from your cult leaders told you not to.

  • Bobby2446

    No, dubstepped — you got ticked off when I dropped the issue right into your backyard — the issue about you being just as “culty” or “controlling” if your house rules are more strick than others.

    The point in that comparison was to expose the flaw in your thinking big enough to drive a tractor through.

    You didn’t like being forced to think critically about what you said, so you lashed out. That is a FACT.

  • dubstepped

    Uh oh, you used FACT in all caps. Well, I can't top that. Sure, you ignored pretty much every point I made and can't see past the culty rhetoric that you repeat over and over again.

    What part of "If you can't equate the imposition of cult doctrine into literally every aspect of a person's life under the threat of discipline up to the dissolution of one's family as controlling then I don't know what to tell you" was too difficult for you to grasp?

    Good grief. JW troll after troll comes on here with their predictable drivel. Maybe try some other group. Count your time while witnessing to someone dumb enough to buy what you say just because you won't stop saying the same thing over and over and believing that it's true.

    Or keep proving that we are getting to you by continuing to drop by apostate sites. Let us see you sweat as you go directly against counsel from the governing body, showing that you must have at least some doubts. Maybe this is part of your awakening process. If your doubts allow you to do something like this, maybe it is a chance for reason to start filtering it's way into your mind.

    Come on over to the dark side Bobby, we have pillows!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    It was so much simpler during Br. Knorr's day.

    His kind one-on-one with young brothers was heartfelt and reassuring. He was understanding of the conflicts faced by young guys. No long, unreasonable list of rules. As last resort, he recommended salt peter.

    Br. Breaux didn't mention that.

  • stillin

    OK! After all,of these years, I finally tried masturbation! I think that I may just do it again someday!

  • mann377

    When I went to Bethel in the 70's, the form they gave me asked if i played any musical instrument and I said I played the organ. I got some weird looks from the Bethel office.

  • ttdtt

    stillin - you are funny :)

  • ttdtt

    mann377 - I like playing the Fallopian Tuba :)

  • Finkelstein

    Due to the naive stupidity of the WTS leaders they still haven't caught on yet that what they put out a video most of them can be captured and released openly to the public.

    It may come out internally or via JWorg. but really they should think about what kind of message their videos might portray to the general public, if they ever do hit the open inter-net..

    This one makes the notion that people who work at their Bethel HQ are horny demented sex perverts.

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