Pillowgate - John Cedars

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  • Vidiot

    I can't believe I missed this thread the first time 'round!!!

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    I’ve really just done some catching up on this recent “scandal”. It’s not surprising with the advent of social media and platforms like YouTube that it has gained as much attention as it has. Even then, a couple hundred thousand views is not that remarkable. That various outlets like the “talk soup” guy also picked up on it interesting. There certainly is comedic gold to be had with all of it.

    Cedars did well bringing out the elephant in the room, that is WT prioritizing masturbation instead of the rampant child sex abuse issues they suffer from. But in fairness, the videos were directed at Bethelites and the issues Bethelites have are pornography, masturbation, flirtation, homosexuality and adultery. Pedophilia is more of a congregational elder/servant issue and even a Governing Body issue, though they cover the latter up extremely well.

    All of the talking points stated in the male/female version of the videos are nothing new. They may seem shocking because they are now in video form for the world to see, but those exact same stories and scenarios were told over and over again at morning worship in Brooklyn. To the letter. Dan Sydlik could have written the scripts for those videos. They are the very words he spoke repeatedly at morning worship or family worship nights. And without fail, after relating those stories of homosexual experimentation or pornography use or adultery and even rampant masturbation shared or alone, there would be letters read of dismissal from Bethel family or disfellowshipping.

    Those dismissed or excommunicated were named. We all knew who they were and what they had done because we just heard a lecture based on their behavior in explicit detail. Nothing has changed since Sidlik’s time. Just a different monkey carrying on his verbiage, and I’m sure there was one before Sydlik. Same stories. Different day. What is different is it has now leaked because of WT’s new love affair with video.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    I’m also going to add that considering the explanation of Porneia given in these videos, the vast majority of JWs have engaged in such and obviously never come out with it or felt the need to. Why is the GB making a plea to have people come forward with activities as benign as grinding? Most JW kids who have managed to get alone with the object of their desire have grinded when making out.

    Hell, according to these assholes, every time I had a slumber party and cuddled with my girlfriends or we stroked each others hair which can be very arousing was an episode of Porneia.

    Fuck these fuckers.

  • steve2

    This sort of excruciatingly detailed video is the direct result of "improper" sexual activities at Bethel. Me thinks it is a bigger problem than JW organization would ever care to admit.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Yes. Every single one of those scenarios expounded upon in those videos are an exact reaccounting of what was disclosed in Bethel judicial meetings. Bethelites as hard as it might be to imagine are even more repressed than the average rank and file JW. The guilt and pressure to be exemplary is 10 fold, so no wonder these poor kids are fucking their blankets. Sad really. The perfect masturbatory tool is the hand or fingers. Why are these kids so repressed that they have to rub against sheets or a pillow, as if not using their hands lessens their alleged “sin”?

    In outside congregations of rank file JWs the young ones are doing anal and oral thinking that avoids the complications of “Pornea”. None of them are thinking twice about rubbing one out in the shower and the vast majority of boys are likely happy with their hand or a stealthy tube sock. When did sheets or pillows come into play? With Bethelites. They get creative because they know the housekeepers are checking for crusty socks. The outcry from the laundry department must have spurred some of the outline for these talks.

    And the whole “adoption” dialogue was odd. What happened to befriending? Adoption carries a legal connotation. Bethel couples do not socialize much. They do their job, go to meetings, go home and hopefully fuck. There isn’t a lot of time to entertain “adopted” singles into the framework. Marriage mates that stray are falling into infatuation with opposite sex candidates in their work assignments. Couples in Bethel don’t attend room parties with drunk Bethelites. They just don’t. These affairs that this GB helper is referring to are happening on work assignment time. Married couples rarely have the same work assignments. Instead it is during their separate assignments they are playing out their infatuations usually with younger Bethel males in storage closets, rarely used elevators, or abandoned offices.

    The vast majority of JWs in the rank and file world are not confined to the regiment of Bethel life. They aren’t fucking pillows. They aren’t cheating at Kingdom Hall cleanup days. They have vibrators and fleshlites, watch porn together and have no inhibitions about cheating with the opposite or same sex with full intentions of fucking and getting away with it. When men sit on another man’s lap and perform a reach around it has nothing to do with horseplay or an attempt to stimulate themselves selfishly or conjoined, it means they are gay. There is no attempt to explain away the actions as experimental or dangerous. They are gay. And so what?

    Bethel is sex phobic, homo phobic and reality phobic. I wish every Bethelite could watch these videos and immediately walk out the back door and run home. Instead they are in for a 3 month to 4 year tour of duty through the sexual tight rope depending on how well they keep a secret.

    The biggest sex freaks in the JW world are former Bethelites.

    Imagine them as former JWs. ;)

  • Vidiot

    God, Bethel must be a fucking freak show.

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