Born in. A true Believer. Woke up after I read CofC. I was shocked to realize I had been deceived by a corrupt world wide real estate business that only masqueraded as a true religion tso as to snare naive people like me. My whole life's decisions were based on a group of egotisical men who thought up weird symbolisms that "proved" their's was the one and only true religion. So they printed books, lots of books and made us true Believers sell them, in that way, Brooklyn headquarters considered themselves a Bible and track society Christian charity. I didn't get divorced because god hates a divorcing... To be in a loveless marriage for almost 40 years, to keep putting up with abuse from a narcissist husband / Elder because you don't know where to go what to do who to trust, is life draining. Simon's site has been an oasis in a desert for me. Where we can come together, understand what happened to us and to heal. I have actually met some of the posters from here. All fine people. I hope we can all find strength to move forward and enjoy some sembelance of happiness.