Pillowgate - John Cedars

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Oh man, can't wait to get my pop corn and enjoy a rebuttal of pillowgate this morning 😋

  • darkspilver
  • ttdtt

    darkspilver that link does not have the video.

  • Bobby2446

    First 48 hours of the “teaser” release: 100+ views.

    36 hours into the actual “rebuttal”: 21,000 + views.

    We call that a “box office flop”.

    Probably because the teaser was intentionally misleading.

  • amicabl

    Bobby2446......Please go away. You are a real pain.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Bobby...quick question for you...

    Are you "still in"?

    I'd suggest the fact that Cedars video being a monster 2 hour long video as a rebuttal puts people off...I want to see a rebuttal of it but no way I'm sitting through 2 hours of one...that's like these old boring meetings I used to go to...

  • dubstepped

    Or because the teaser was very short and so accurate that most know they don't have to watch the whole 2+ hour rebuttal. The teaser was dead on, perhaps too kind because I did watch much of it and holy cow tha was more awful than I imagined.

    I can admit that Cedars is way too long winded. But really, if you can watch that video and not see what a cult it is then you are nothing more than brainwashed yourself, end of story. It's horrifying.

    Can you admit that you've been owned on this thread over and over again and fuck off Bobby?

  • NewYork44M

    Yes, Cedars was long-winded. But the Rebuttal video was worth watching.

  • Bobby2446

    Dub -

    Who knows why it flopped. I won’t pretend to know. But the fact is that flopped as it relates to the teaser.

    It was meant, and edited, for parody. That much was obvious. People got their laughter in and didnt bother with the actual “rebuttal” for whatever reason. Or the ones that did sit through the “rebuttal” were the same ones who clicked the trailer several times each (which will mask the actual number of unique views). Who knows.

    And the fact that articles from decades ago were referenced by the speakers means the video is in line with what they’ve believed for years, generally speaking.

    So there was nothing really “shocking” there — just a build up with a click-bait teaser.

  • pixel

    I'm just wondering, if it's sooooo important for the GB for bethelites to be spiritually clean and what not... why not make this video available to all congregations? I'm sure there are brothers and sisters dealing or sinning as the video shows...so help them up! Hey GB, make everyone see this BS video on the CLAM.

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