Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Status Update Thread

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @Simon: I know our hospitals will be stretched and there will be issues at some point. I'm in meetings daily discussing these things with immunologists, planners, purchasers, government officials, we've gone over worst case scenarios and it ain't pretty.

    We hope it doesn't come to that though and at this point, pretty much all systems should be operating at 'normal'. The epidemic-level events China saw in February hasn't materialized yet, if you're closing services now, what are they doing later?

    Our hospital system has sufficient face masks, gloves etc for the entire system, both critical and non-critical care at least 3 months without any re-supply though and the DHS has promised that the most critical things will be able to be supplied from local sources when necessary (although we're not sure their plans are going to materialize in the time necessary). I understand some systems out in the boonies that have minimal funding may not be able to sustain very long, but Toronto is a major city.

    I agree about Toronto government bungling it though, we've seen people that were refused entry into the US, take a detour to Canada/Toronto and cross the border there to come to our hospital system to get checked out (from China in particular). Insane, those people should be arrested.

  • newsheep

    Back in January 2020 this was the reason why a delay in surgeries. That many would be cancelled. They should have known better but back in July it was because the gowns were contaminated with C Diff which I had contracted while in the hospital. There was a woman in my room who had it and because of shortage of beds I was stuck with her. They could have at least given her her own commode. This was right after my liver resection.

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  • frozen2018

    Such a shit video...

  • Simon

    Great visualizations to show how "flattening the curve" works and how it can help:

  • LV101

    Wish I knew if the regular flu season has lightened up. I'm trying to avoid close contact and have decided to wear a mask - to protect myself and neighbor when dropping off items. I can't remember what the 'experts' even said other than negatives but helps me mentally. Off to Walmart early and couple of us have goods to make hand sanitizer (ez enough) since I can't find any and Walmart is a dismal failure - other than regular soap they've been 'Out of Stock' online for days. Amazon does have hand sanitizers - brands I never heard of - I ordered a few days ago if anyone needs to order. So many aged people that need shopping done - not much online for them to order.

    I'll get a system here - I hope. Two elderly have their adult children arriving next week - thankfully.

  • Simon
    Wish I knew if the regular flu season has lightened up

    Expect "normal" flu to pretty much disappear - it has a lower rate of spread and the "social distancing" and sanitizing that is going on for Wuhan / Chinese Flu will prevent its spread.

    One bonus is that deaths from traditional sources such as regular flu will likely be reduced. We'll likely also see reduce drunk-driving deaths and other unexpected 'benefits' that result from people being just, well, stuck at home playing X-box.

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  • MeanMrMustard

    So, the local grocery has restocked the TP. But, they have sold out again (well, just about... there were about 10 packs left, but it’s there) Went in today to get some root touch-up for the wife, and had to wade through long lines (although far shorter than last week) of the TP / water bottle hoarders.

    FYI for all those obsessed with bathroom supplies: You completely overlooked the kitty litter aisle. If all else fails, there are jumbo litter boxes, liners, and fresh step just waiting for you to stockpile.

  • RubaDub

    Here in South Florida, there was a panic in our local grocery stores (especially Publix) here yesterday (Saturday). It was crazy. Today, I went to get some stuff for breakfast and things were stocked up (except toilet paper, paper towels and eggs).

    I guess everyone did their panic buying yesterday. Today, there were about 9 checkout lines open and 3 were empty. No waiting time!


    Rub a Dub

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