3rd generation dub. Former MS for five years plus one year as Pioneer. Was in process of being appointed an Elder (gave several public talks) when I started the fade. Still technically "in" as I attend meetings about once every month or so. Got very tired of the micro-management of every aspect of a person's life. Blaming the R&F for everything drives me crazy. The R&F are not the ones publishing these things! And the UN ... and ... I am divorced from ex-dub wife (she DA'd). Several years later, I met a lovely Columbian woman (yes, she is Catholic) and married her near the end of 2001. We have been respectful of each others beliefs. We focus on what we have in common, not the differences. We are truly in love. Most of my family are JW's (parents, aunts, cousins) and know nothing about her. I live in the Southeast and they live in the New York/New England area. However, she has a wonderful family and they have shown love and respect toward me. Ten or so in her family even flew here to the USA from Columbia for the wedding. Wow, people that show love without being judgemental! How interesting! I'm not here to bad-mouth anyone or anything, just to share my thoughts, feelings and yes at times, frustrations. Also, I feel my health has also been affected. I have been diagnosed with SAS disease (Stadium Ass Syndrome) in which over time my butt has become shaped like a stadium seat.