Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Status Update Thread

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  • silentbuddha

    Again a 75+ year old man and a few others in that age range heartily agreed when he said, "Looking at what this government is doing to my kids by destroying the economyu and all the jobless combined with the trillions of dollars they are saddling on my grandparents, I would rather have just died and let the world continue on with this madness. II think that would have been a better contribution to my family than living another 5 or 10 years."

  • Simon
    If our government ends lockdown without good suppression measures in place then we will be back to square one in a few weeks time.

    The evidence is that we won't. Exclude the stats where Covid patients have been forced onto care homes and we know that healthcare systems are not being overwhelmed - it's time to carefully start opening things up.

    It was meant to be "flatten the curve", not "evolve into Morlocks and emerge from the caves centuries later"

  • slimboyfat

    Dr Osterholm’s logic seems pretty sound. If only 5 to 15% of the population have caught the disease, and 70% immunity through vaccine and/or infection is required to stop the spread permanently, then how do we avoid a second wave without using measures to suppress the virus?

    Technically you are correct, according to Dr Osterholm. It is possible that the virus may disappear despite ending lockdown and failure to implement effective suppression. But if the virus disappears then it can only be temporary, because it’s still out there, and 80% upwards of the population still have no immunity. The Spanish Flu disappeared in 1918 and returned deadlier four months later. That is a possibility.

    What is entirely unlikely is that the virus will have infected 5% to 15% of the population and will stop at that level permanently all on its own. There is no precedent for that and no reason to suppose it will happen other than wishful thinking.

    Nearly 0.15 percent of the entire population of New York has already died from this disease. Even if it stopped immediately, and other parts of the world never exceeded that death rate, it still means over a million deaths to come. And that’s the most optimistic scenario. In fact it’s not a realistic scenario, because even in New York only 20% of people have caught the virus so far.

    To be clear I want the lockdown to end too. I just think that masks, testing, tracing, needs to be in place first. Is that so hard? If New Zealand, South Korea, Greece, Germany, Singapore ... can do it, can’t we do it? If they can end lockdown safely (some never event went into full lockdown!) why can’t we do the same? We have had months now to see what works. Why is our government so hopeless?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Because the whole story hasn't played itself out yet. Watch. The intended cure of lock downs will prove to be more deadly in the end than business as usual.

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