Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • minimus

    Did anyone ever know a CO by the name of "Butch" Ross???

  • berylblue

    beryl, as you know, one thing is for sure - if we posted CO's that we could stand, this thread would have been very short.
    Well, I'll answer that. Joseph Mazacek of South Jersey. While he could be all business when he had to, he was warm and caring on a one to one basis. And his wife Barbara was lovely.

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    ok................this goes up.......

  • anglise

    Hi everyone

    anyone heard of/know of what became of Glen McFarlane


  • closer2fine

    Bro DiCinti (I think he passed away)

    Bro Chin (retired - but I liked his wife)


  • Bendrr

    I think somewhere in the distant past pages someone mentioned John Mason. I never personally had a problem with him, but I was only a kid when he served our cong.

    Anyone remember Kriefall? (phonetically: Kreefall) He had this big thing against dancing. Ravyn may remember this. The Warner Robins congregations "organized" a weekly square dancing get-together. Kriefall really hated that.

    But then again, he and his wife weren't above hitting the bottle. There was a softball game/cookout out where my family used to live once. My stepdad got pretty drunk (so drunk he couldn't say our family prayer!) and I found out later that Sister Kriefall had gotten a little tipsy herself.


  • Makena1

    Wow - another trip down memory lane. I guess because dad was the PO when I was growing up in the 50's and 60's, we always had the CO over for dinner or staying at our house, I see lots of familiar names on the posts.

    Peace, Black, Da Cinti, among others.

    As a youngster, my memories of the CO's visits were positive - probably because I was not old enough to understand the undercurrent of politics and condescension that went on.

    Fast forward to the 70's my first negative experience was with Lyle Reusch (sp?). I was newly married, working with the PO, Reusch and a fellow MS. Reusch after saying a quick hello, turned and asked both of us MS's, "Why aren't you two brothers in Bethel?" I guess it was supposed to be encouraging?

    A few years later we had Earl McGhee (sp?). Black brother who was nicknamed, Mr. T, because of his no non-sense attitude. He rubbed most the wrong way, but at the time, I was a company man, and found him to be just what I needed at the time. We got along well, but his meeting with the servant body would last until midnight or later. He would stand at the entrance to the KH and hand out vacation pioneer applications to EVERYONE who came through the door. If you would stand still long enough, he would analyze your work schedule and show you how you could get in 75 hours a month in service.

    OK - my least favorite of all time was Ray Martin, Seattle in the late 80's, early 90's. For some reason, we had him year after year after year. He was one of the most irritating, least encouraging PA's of all time for me. After his first visit, I made a point to schedule a business trip whenever he came around. His wife was the queen of no personality. He had type I diabetes, and ended up having part of his foot removed. The operation did nothing to improve his personality. He liked to tell stories about bungling brothers, but instead of naming names, the subject of most of his stories was a fictitious "Brother Bumblemeyer". After he finally left, he was the subject of lots of complaints at most witness social gatherings.

    I cannot remember (mental block?) the name of the last CO we had before we left. I thought we had really bonded with he and his wife Pam. Had them over the house a few times - found out we had a number of things in common beyond "da truth". When our daughter, full time pioneer (who they really admired I think) committed suicide, they did not call or try to get in touch with us. When we asked why, the excuse was, well we are scheduled to visit your congregation in 2 weeks so we thought it could wait...... When they did visit, and Sabine (my wife) was invited to attend a luncheon after service with the CO's wife, it was like Sabine was not even there, or this terrible event in our lives had ever happened. The "coffee klatsch" of sisters just sat around and talked about their mornings experiences in service - like that was more important than comforting my wife. Finally, when it was time to go, Sabine went up to the CO's wife and said, "Our daughter always found your visit and conversation to be encouraging....hoping to at least hear something about our daughter." Co's wife, in a nervous laugh said, "Oh yes, that's true. Well, we hope to see her in the resurrection." and then walked out the door with her entourage of afternoon service companions.

    Needless to say, our last few CO's did not leave a positive feeling.

    There was one exception, between Ray Martin, and the CO described above - sorry but cannot recall his name either. He was new, and I believe originally from the New Orleans area. Very humble, and his wife was a jewel.

    There were a few genuine, caring folks.

    all best,


  • Joyzabel

    hey Mak, we had Ray in the 70's and we were his first assignment! Sheesh. Sounds like never changed.

    His wife would sit there and file her nails during his talks. They had a cat with them at the time. I'm sure that poor cat is long gone.


  • minimus

    Mak, Obviously, the CO and his wife are there only to do their job for the week. Deaths by suicide, sadly, is considered best left in "Jehovah's hands". How awful to ignore this tragedy!

  • cruzanheart

    (((((Mak and Mrs. Mak))))) I'm so sorry for your loss.


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