How many of you actually KNOW the bible OR God???

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  • Mephis

    More than any JW who still believes what is peddled in the WT. Thanks for asking. As you're obviously speaking from a position of authority on the subject, a question to you if I may. As Jude liberally quotes from the Book of Enoch, why do you think it was so problematic for it to be accepted into the canon? If we all pretended it was written by one of the named 'prophets' and pretended it was older than its attested dates to fit in with that, would that problem go away as it did with Revelation?

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    Welcome to the forum MARK ZYCHE

  • dubstepped
    Mark Zyche - jookbeard VERY NICE. I think however we ALREADY ESATBLISHED that the BAD OLE WBTS is a false prohet..I believe you were going to tell me WHO IS THE RIGHT PROPHET?

    Mark, who said there is a right prophet? What if there isn't? What if the Bible isn't even the right book? What if there is no book or no God to begin with? You're starting off with a premise that the Bible is the truth, that there would be a prophet today that would be foretelling things in truth. Can you prove that premise? What if all religions are false prophets at best?

  • jookbeard
    Mark, go sit down, pour yourself a nice cup of your favourite hot drink, take a few long deep breaths, repeat a few times , clear your head and settle back down here, we're not that bad
  • cappytan

    Mark: Why are you so angry? Where is the love you're supposed to be displaying as a true Christian? Oh, you're imperfect?

    Imperfection is a convenient excuse for people who do not want to be responsible for their own actions.

    I and my family are moral. We aren't moral to please a God or to go to heaven or to make it to paradise. We don't need a reward or fear to be moral people. We are moral people because it's the right thing to do and it's what we WANT to do. My reward is seeing how my kindness and goodness rubs off on others.

    If your God wants to destroy us for being good, clean and moral individuals, I don't want to worship your God. Jehovah, the killer of infants, oppressor of women, the worst war criminal and human rights violator in history, isn't going to get one more second of my worship or time.

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    Hey Mark do your elders know you are posting on this site? I dare you to tell them and see what happens
  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche


    wait, is THAT how it works? YOU are on here talking AGAINST a thing...and then telling people how its based on evidence you found. I am coming to you with the word of God. I dont have to show you JACK but thousands of years of people writing the word of God down, and the archaeological finds of people that wrote of some of the same events, or the cities and peoples that are still here today. THATS what I come to you with. Since youre saying that the truths is nt bible are a sham? then its on YOU to tell me why you feel you are brighter than all those men who worte their stories!!!

    YOU WANT ME to believe that the life stories of YOU men are the truth right? well in turn, the men who wrote the bible are liars? because thats what this site is really saying.
    THE TRUTH, as people call it in jws? IS THE BIBLE's MESSAGE. that message is fact, I dont care if Brother lett comes over your house and sleeps with your wife.
    Or if Judas betrays Jesus. Or if Satan betrays God.
    you men claim to have truths of Jws. Right? and you are preaching and teaching it right? well then WHY are atheists among you?
    Is the word of God ALSO a lie?
  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche


    Whats the matterkook? Im not playing by your rules? dont think I plan on doing that. Im not about to sit here and be silent as YOU call US on the carpet. I CALL YOU on it as well. SHOW YOUR HAND, since you are saying that jws are such jerks. YOU MUST KNOW THE FACT!!!

    its like racism. If a white man says how the blacks are so criminal in the usa? this must mean HIS OWN race are NOT. A posnt they often try to show with stats. EVEN A RACIST BIGOT will make his stance on his own square. YOU people seem to want to say how others are bad and yet NOT SAY why you are right! well ...since you got all the answers as to 1914, and how THE JWS are wrong regarding the last days...WELL WHAT IS THE TRUTH about it? so we ALL can learn? are you in fact an atheist as well?

    well wait here..wait. IS THE BIBLE THE TRUTH OR ISNT IT? so then we can start from the beginning.

  • cappytan

    JW's made me an atheist. JW's taught me to prove every other religion wrong. And then when I was able to prove JW's wrong with the same criteria they use for other religions, I decided to live my life based on evidence.

    Atheism isn't a religion. It's a lack of belief. The only thing all atheists have in common is not believing in one god less than you.

  • coalize

    The Bible is a great book, but it's a book... not truth...
    ok, we start, now?

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