How many of you actually KNOW the bible OR God???

by Mark Zyche 138 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • coalize

    No that's your dick...

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche

    freemindfade well then, Since youre being sarcastic...You wont mind OPENLY TELLING ME what does the bible mean of the term "last days" since you know..I believe lies and all..Your next post will be that please...

  • Landy

    Oh dear. :(

  • nowwhat?
    Dear Mark I have seen 2 failed propecies in my lifetime. 1975 and the 1914 generation that was was suposed to end by the early nineties at the the lastest. Our spiritual heritage about how the bible students accurately predicted the events of 1914 has as much factual basis as Jesus being born on Dec. 25. If you want to witness. Take one subject at a time. Instead of these incoherent rants.
  • nugget

    Mark I feel for you and you selective viewpoint which states that you are right and only your interpretation counts. This gives you permission to be rude to people with whom you disagree.

    There is more than one perspective and in order to debate you need to listen as well as present your case. I feel that you may currently lack this skill but hope youj rethink your approach.

  • coalize
    And yet backs the idea of biological homosexuality, which obviously goes against evolution

    In only few words, you succeed to make everybody understand that you don't know really what's homosexuality, and what's evolution... Champ'

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche

    " let me guess an individual or group that make a biblical prediction that fails to come true"

    ok, one of you cultists of this page now have given a straight answer. Was that so hard?

    Now lets see is that true. A prophet is a person that makes biblical predictions. THATS IS. so since Jws are FALSE prophets..WHOM ARE THE TRUE ones? you must know then, since you have told me what a FALSE one is, you then must know who the TRUE one is right? in this way, I know youre not some minion following the crowd that doesnt know jack about ANY faith in ANY church.

  • coalize
    Batman vs superman? WHAT IS SUPERMAN DEPICTED AS? "false god" right?
    continue to dig, you will soon find oil!
  • coalize
    A prophet is a person that makes biblical predictions

    oh my god!

  • Bonsai
    Jesus could read the tea leaves. He and others knew that it was only a matter of time before the Romans would crush the Jewish rebellion that was taking shape over time. The last days were meant for Jews that lived 2,000 years ago.

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