How many of you actually KNOW the bible OR God???

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  • nugget

    Just as an aside it is perfectly OK not to have formulated an opinion about a specific text taken out of context. We are after all reading the text in translation and outside of the historical context in which it was written. A more appropriate question would be what did the person writing the text mean and what did his contempories think it meant.

    It is not OK to ask a question and then use the answer as a stick to beat someone with.

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche

    "Perhaps because we're here to debunk JWS lies and not to talk about ourselves?"

    well since your buddy is posting the "strong language" of the WBTS as to what they are? then Shall I repost all the times YOUR PEOPLE in this cult have in fact posted YOUR PERSONAL STORIES on here? so seems to me, youre full of crap.

  • Ucantnome
    Mark Zyche I raised my kids ok. The last witness that tried to encourage me back I knew when I was young he's been married three times and his good news condemns my kids. I had to laugh
  • coalize
    youre full of crap.

    perhaps, but don't forget to check your beam first...

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche



    ok since youre looking at things and things outside of things to find things to learn personal truth? LETS SAY YOU FIND THAT TRUTH!!! is THAT going to save you? jesus says to PREACH that truth to others? do you ignore that or, what happens once you "find yourself?"

    Maybe you can come back and educate all the people here on this site? like mr atheist...Or is HE on a "different path" than you and thats ok? well if it is, GOD has no standard. If he has no standard, he doesnt exist at all.

    So what is it going to be? If youre on this page. YOU ARE EQUAL to the atheist. how are you not? if GOD exists...where is he to be found? since JWS are not it..WHAT IS? and once you find it? are you not to preach it? THEN JESUS is a lie as well.

  • prologos

    by the way. WHAT IS A answer MZ.

    In your bible read Deuteronomy 18: 20-22;-- the passage clearly defines two kinds of false prophets predicting .

    1) the ones that predict in the name of "false gods" and

    2) the ones that predict in the name of "jehovah" and their predictions never materialize.

    Not one prediction of wt writers ever came true, except : "Religion is a snare and a racket" no date given. so true now though.

    or open your bible to 2Chron 18. contest of prophets. prophets predicting, prophesying ! -- "jehovah" even requesting prophets to lie. now, if there really was a talking snake, we could all take this seriously.

  • coalize
    is THAT going to save you?

    no need of prophet, no need of savior...
  • Bonsai
    Why don't you put YOUR money where YOUR mouth is and post YOUR personal story? You're superior in every way, so blow us away with YOUR TRUTHS and proof that not only does god exists but YOU have the true knowledge that can stand against scrutiny and intellectual honesty. I'm waiting.
  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche
    looks like the atheist has now resorted to what they always do on a facebook page. Making jokes and sexual comments. thats didnt take long.
  • coalize
    Looks like the atheist has now resorted to what they always do on a facebook page. Making jokes and sexual comments. thats didnt take long.

    Only way to answer at religious joke and sexual frustration..

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