How many of you actually KNOW the bible OR God???

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  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche

    Youre right. YOU DID state youre an atheist, and I said I dont give a rats behind about what you therefore think. Youre right. But I also wrote you off when I said "thats one down " right?

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche
    if your fearless leader doesnt stop me, I will grow to be the greatest mental threat his page has ever seen, at THIS rate. you "free thinkers" will realize that youre being brainwashed by a bunch of atheists and sex addicted idiots, and a bunch of fake accounts, that spread all the way to facebook. Are you sure your cult leader doesnt wanna block me? perhaps you should go on facebook and tell him I am now ripping up his Old web page.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I WILL LEAVE jws...AND in turn grab a halloween mask and join the party goers!

    Oh, I understand your point. If my father did not act and acted with others, my mom, other women, and children would have been HARMED.

    My uncle, his best friend at Bethel and a very different type of man, also disliked Rutherford for hypocrisy. HE WAS NOT DISCREET ABOUT HIS WOMEN. They were total WHORES in the eyes of the factory men.

    I know lots out there are frustrated with God and want to indict him directly or indirectly for the predicament we are in, but ultimately, Satan has to blame for a lot of man's ills and so is our personal choices or the choices of EVIL MEN.

    Just my thoughts.

  • cappytan
    OP: How many of you actually KNOW the bible OR God???

    I know the bible and I know the God of the bible. The God of the Bible likes to kill innocent children and infants. He also likes to commit genocide.

    Just an example of the God of the Bible's personality: YHWH was so pissed at David and Bath-sheba's fornicating. So, what did he do? Did he kill David or Bath-sheba like the law required? No. He killed their newborn child. Was it a swift, merciful death for the child? No. The child suffered for seven days before he died.

    That is the God you worship. A murderous a-shole of a God.

    If he exists, I don't want to worship such a horrible being.

  • coalize
    the greatest mental threat his page has ever seen

    At least you're lucid about your mental problem...


    You won't have to leave JWism if you disagree with the GB. Just be prepared to viewed as a "spiritually weak" person, who will likely be quasi-pre-shunned. ( That concept may take a while to register..)

    Also, you seem to be pointing at behaviors in "false religions" as an excuse to overlook serious problems in your own religion. How is that fair, and how does it help to solve legitimate problems that should be adressed?

    Pointing a finger and saying, " Yeah, So!!!?? YOU celebrate Halloween!!!", is not a valid argument used by an adult.


  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche
    Hey...anyone know trey bundy's number? Where is he playing next? maybe we can catch his middle aged punk rock show and ask HIS views of jws! LOL
  • Ucantnome

    I chatted with one of my kids about knowing God. Maybe we can only know what he reveals.

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche

    Yeah, you know I DO tend to not let a man with a ghetto looking front lawn talk crap about my choice of flowers in my massive garden.

    So yorue right....If youre holding a bunny rabbit that lays eggs in your hand and showing up for easter mass? Im thinking you cant tell me about 144,000 in revelation, and the calculating of 1914. I tend to be that kind of guy. LOL


    What's a "MILDSTONE"? Is that like a millstone?? Oh, the irony!


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