How many of you actually KNOW the bible OR God???

by Mark Zyche 138 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • freemindfade
    in the meantime i am going to pray to Jehovah that you shut the hell up, if you do, HE EXISTS!
  • Truthexplorer
    Mark Z - to be honest with you, I personally agree with you on most of what you mentioned at the outset. HOWEVER.....though Watchtower has good standards morally in line with Gods word, they go beyond what is written in many areas. They have rule upon rule which are very unnecessary. Their blanket shunning policy is disgraceful. their mis handling of child abuse cases is well known. They are a captive high control religion. I have always felt that not long after I was baptised over 20 years ago.
  • bohm

    the troll is strong in this one.

  • Simon
    Bye bye Mark Zyche
  • freemindfade

    Jehovah exists! I prayed and he acted! LOL

  • OneGenTwoGroups
  • Finkelstein

    This poster isn't concerned or willing to have respectful open discussion about any particular topic mostly because he doesn't have the educational background or knowledge to do so.

    A triad of vindictiveness is all I see here.

    If Mark can control his emotions and restrain himself from his vitriol attitude perhaps there might be chance for a mature adult discussion.

    If you come to blast people with vindictive disrespect, how do expect people to receive you in kind ?

  • tornapart
    Mark.. you are not a true JW, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You are also not even a true christian because a true christian behaves the way Jesus behaved. You don't. So what are you?
  • nugget
    Have you read the posting guidelines?

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