How many of you actually KNOW the bible OR God???

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  • cofty
    Let's not feed the troll
  • jookbeard
    a false prophet? Mmm let me guess an individual or group that make a biblical prediction that fails to come true? The generation that saw the events of 1914 would not pass away until the creators promise that is to be completed in the 20th Century, Millions Now Living Will Never Die,author Judge Rutherford, a house called Beth Sarim built for the resurrection of the ancient worthies? sounds like a start
  • jookbeard
    History contains proof enough for those people who are inclined to research
  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche

    Ucantnome Batman vs superman? WHAT IS SUPERMAN DEPICTED AS? "false god" right?

    What do you know of the director? anything? what was his intent? OR DO YOU GIVE A PASS TO THAT BECAUSE ITS A MOVIE AND DONT MIND BRAIN WASHING FROM A MAN LOOKING TO PUSH ATHEISM....

    is that too much to think on? youre right? where is my next bootleg copy of batman. OH BY THE WAY....x men? some of the same people involved? what does apocalypse call himself? Yaweh right? because you know...GOD is a fake anyhow right?

    And you want to openly talk about Biological homosexuality? well then show me a study that has been proven with the same results from NON gay scientists, or anyone else with a dong in the race.

    second. NO atheist should believe that, for either a gay man is a new form of human that will soon evolve into procreation, OR he is an error, that culls the population naturally. Which is it. For ANIMALS REPRODUCE and if you have something mentally making it so you are driven to NOT reproduce? thats bad for the species.

    third, you froget, its LGBT. so tranny types? and Bi sexuals? what is the science for THEM? since gay animals are in nature like they say...well where are the tranny apes? they HAVE TO BE BIOLOGICAL if we are affording them a name as a group, AND as a civil rights issue. If its just a choice? Get out om the shower rooms with the same sex, because thats like a peeping tom in a womens bathroom. You cant have it both ways.

    Wait...I guess if you bi, you most certainly can...right atheist?

    And being that youre an athesit, who gives a rats behind what YOU think about a faith WITHIN a faith WITHIN religious people of the earth?

  • konceptual99
    Let's not feed the troll

    Probably good advice. He's still a f**kwit though.

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche

    WOW!!! YOU MEAN TO SAY THAT WAS A LIE!!!!! OH THE HORROR!!! in that SAME year of that SAME publication, what was YOUR CURRENT CHURCH SAYING....(crickets)

    by the way. WHAT IS A answer from the peanut gallery yet. tell me...also..WHAT WAS IN that magazine, since you have a picture of it?

  • coalize

    The same view as I have for Mickey Mouse : An human intellectuel invention that everybody know. Except nobody kills in the name of Mickey Mouse!

    How about homosexuality?

    Homosexuality is a state, not a choice!

    are you now on facebook supporting them with a rainbow covered image?

    No, i'm not concerned! But I find normal that concerned people can do it!

    Did you change your image to the flag of the french when that one was available too?

    Yes, especially, I'm french!

    What is your views on Gay marriage?

    That it's a state affair, not a religious one. Nobody ask you to marry a guy.

    recently a black kid was killed for having a toy gun in a park

    He was killed first because he was black, not because of the toy. The same toy in the hand of a white boy won't lead to the same result.


    No need of JWs to understand that playing with gun is not a good idea, nor God.

    What are you basing your moral grounds on ?

    At least not on the interpretation that have 7 old white cisgender american men about the Bible.

    can a boyfriend sleep the night?


    If your daughter comes up pregnant

    No risk, because, she will be aware of the risks.

    So why be one that thinks it is?

    I don't think it's bad!

    Your son wants to join the armed forces. Do you let him?

    Yes. He's free! Even if I disagree with his choice. Not for religious reason, but political ones.

    he wants to "serve his country" by killing muslims who havent done anything to us.

    I will be disappointed he didn't take in consideration what I explained to him, and choose the road of hate. But he made his choice.

    And put out the american flag like youre neighbors

    I will put more the french flag. What's the problem with that?

    You will be hard pressed to find a christian faith that isnt backing those things

    No, no, almost all christian things as fucked up as well..

    So...why should YOU shun them?

    I will never shun my children... JWS does..

  • freemindfade
    None of us ever read the bible... we just assumed what it said, oh and then we assumed all its origins and contruct too. Most of the time we were worshipping satan, having abortions, starting wars, participating in gay orgies, eating puppies, bowing to molech, we just want to be bad! Then we want to say how wrong the witnesses are even though they are right and we don't want anyone else to know how inspired and accurate this book you speak of, the bible? actually is. You're on to us you rascal!
  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche
    Well well well..Ive already been called a troll for DARING to speak against you men. THAT didnt take long. THE SIGN SAID, the site is for BOTH witnesses and Non right>? well here I am...whats the problem? WELL WHY DONT YOU RUN TO YOUR ELDER LEADER AND BAN AND SHUN ME FROM TALKING ON YOUR BOARD? seems fair right? Just like that "watchtower" did. seems like you dont mind shunning if its me...hmmm

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