Hi! I was a member of this forum from 2010 to 2019. This is my final post on this forum that was deleted by the admin: Nine years ago, this forum was the ideal escape from the cult I was raised in. In fact, I remember first coming here and seeing people talking about JWs as a cult for the first time. I could hardly believe it! It was here that I learned what the identifying marks of a cult are, and what culty behavior looks like no matter what type of group it is. Sadly, this site itself has taken on a rather culty "flavor" in the past several years. So much so that I've found myself more often turning to my non-exjw friends and colleagues for support/comfort/the occasional rant rather than coming here. That being said. . . Best wishes to everyone in your quest for freedom and a happy, fulfilling life! - BoC [email protected]