How many of you actually KNOW the bible OR God???

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  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche

    Since Jws are SOOOOOOO terrible and full of lies. What the heck do you think about fat santa, and and days later the celebration of Janus?

    Since you seem to be so good at looking at the "lies of the watchtower" what do you people think of your lives NOW, religiously speaking? WHO IS GOD and what does he expect of you? since Jws are a lie. WHAT IS YOUR VIEW OF GOD NOW?

    Your children? since being raised a jw is SOOO bad, what are your views about what the schools are pushing as normal? How about homosexuality? are you now on facebook supporting them with a rainbow covered image? Did you change your image to the flag of the french when that one was available too?

    What is your views on Gay marriage? since Jws are so "homophobic" and all, you know, making fun of people in skinny suits.

    since the "watchtower" is so silly about kids with wizard toys", as a parent..WHAT TOY WOULD NON RELIGIOUS TOY WOULD YOU NOT WANT THEM PLAYING WITH? How about this issue...recently a black kid was killed for having a toy gun in a park. Toy guns have been around for centuries.And they look real nowadays, and HAVE looked real since the 50s bee bee guns. But the bad old watchtower says DONT HAVE YOUR KIDS PLAYING WITH GUNS...

    such LIES!!!! SUCH UNTRUTHS!!! so since the "bad watchtower, full of lies" is not on you DOMINATING you so badly, do you buy that kid a gun for his birthday as he gets older and wants one? Do you get your kid any video game he so wants? If you tell him NO he shouldnt have it, but the other kids DO have it..What are you basing your moral grounds on? YOU? well then what makes YOU so right? a whim? If his friend lends him the game, do you get mad? what if you catch your kid doing something like smoking and he is 16, do you get mad? or are you cool with it? Would you say "NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!"


    tell me, , you parents with daughters. Since youre not raising the girl to be a "tight law witness" are you accepting them having sex in your house? can a boyfriend sleep the night? No? WHY NOT? its not bad is it? If you feel it is? OPENLY STATE THAT next time you are on facebook to a bunch of non witnesses, and see what they think and why. If your daughter comes up pregnant, do you abort? no? WHY? I mean really....truthfully...WHY NOT? For religious reasons? which God are you talking about? because MANY people that go to church dont think abortion is bad. So why be one that thinks it is?

    Your son wants to join the armed forces. Do you let him? he wants to "serve his country" by killing muslims who havent done anything to us. Do you have a say into it? would you Assist him in going? and put out the american flag like youre neighbors? I mean...If youre not going to follow the bible truths, then lets not follow them. Since the JWs are full of lies, and you leave, then that means the OTHER things are lies too apparently right? every view I have brought up so far? You will be hard pressed to find a christian faith that isnt backing those things instead of shunning them as the bible states. So...why should YOU shun them?

  • Bonsai
    I can see how someone like you would thrive and prosper in an organization filled with arrogant, elitist, delusional social misfits. Thank you for your barrage of posts. You are helping lurkers to see just what kind of people they are around and want to get away from. Please carry on!
  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche
    this is the part where you men say "we cant understand your post" and then ramble about parts of it anyhow.
    One thing that cannot be refuted is that the WTS ARE false prophets. Check the history for your proof. That makes them untruthful imho
  • freemindfade
    I am going to say this full satire intended to wake up fence sitters.. whether it is or not because it think that's the effect it will have. Excellent rant-vomit!
  • freemindfade
    Would you like to take a verse by verse discussion of your goat herders guide to the galaxy to discuss instead of this vitriol rant?
  • punkofnice

    Nice one Mark Z. You really are having us an aren't you?!

  • cofty

    A human construct. The idea of a god belongs to the infancy of our species. Many of us have no more need for imaginary father-figures.

    How about homosexuality

    Who consenting adults love and have sex with is no concern of mine.

    As for your gibberish about toy guns - surely you have more important things to say.

    What is your point? Slow down, stop typing in random UPPERCASE, use sentences and paragraphs.

    Do you think that criticism of the Watchtower is always misplaced? Are there things about the teachings or practices of the organisation that concern you? Would you like to discuss any of these calmly and rationally?

    Jumping all over the forum ranting and raving gibberish isn't helping you or anybody else. There are many of us here who know a great deal about the Watchtower and about the bible and theology. Sincere questions and debate is always welcome.

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche

    Well since I am helping people see what sort of people we are? well then let me be even MORE bold in slapping you in the face...I dont want the lurkers to get the wrong impression ...I AM HOLDING THE WORD OF GOD IN MY HAND. if the word is a LIE, then its a lie..If I show you that the wars of man are bad, and you join them...WHAT DOES BRO LETT, RUSSELL, OR ANYONE ELSE have to do with that truth?

    What you NEED to ask yourself...oh lurker, is WHY ARE THESE MEN UNWILLING TO TALK DIRECTLY TO ME ON ANY THAT I SAY!?!!? why is it when I post, its a bad thing, but when THEY post over and over, its ok?

    What is it these men are not telling YOU?

    well I call all of you to account. In all my "arrogance", WHAT DO ANY OF YOU APES KNOW ABOUT THE BIBLE.

    since you are the kings of humble....lets see you defend your views like YOU want the JWs to do...Since you are the man in the right? TELL ME BIBLICALLY HOW....

    this should be easy shouldnt it? since you left due to the lies of the watchtower...well then you MUST know the truth of God then.right? I mean really, youre not atheists in the first place are you? One thing you should be able to do, is speak your way with a bible, since you all were EX JWs and should be able to whip open the bible and tell me how the Jws are "full of lies" and more the place you stand NOW is a better truth.

  • cofty

    I just invited you to have a sensible debate on any topic of your choosing.

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