How many of you actually KNOW the bible OR God???

by Mark Zyche 138 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche


    whats the matter? you dont want me to talk to you? YOU HAVE YOUR OWN means of disfellowshipping!! Its called blocking...Tell your fearless leader I have arrived on THIS site too. Trust me, he will block me. and You wont be able to talk to me..OH THE HORROR!!! whats the matter? what are you afraid of? You people are brainwashed!! and must be unable to accept hearing the "other side" outside ""

    soooo sad. You poor cultists.

  • coalize
    And then when I was able to prove JW's wrong with the same criteria they use for other religions

    "You recognize the true religion with the love they have each other" ... checking... JWS not the true religion. Good bye

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche
    wow 70 replies in under an hour...WOW!!! You men must REALLY wanna shut ME up! LOL
  • Ucantnome
    I thought Jesus said he was the truth

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    wow 70 replies in under an hour...WOW!!! You men must REALLY wanna shut ME up! LOL

    Unlike others here, I AM NOT GOD, I wrote of my perception at a very gut and VERY EXPERIENCED LEVEL. Walk away the way I did (flew away is more accurate) and IT STOPS. It is not a fact of life that one must bear. I don't believe I PERCEIVED IT in a vacuum!

    I have tiffs with people but THEY ARE FLEETING. No one else threatens. No one else writers in Standard English and then quickly descends to ghetto talkk to initmidate.

  • cappytan
    soooo sad. You poor cultists.

    Mark: Please present your objective evidence that Jehovah's Witnesses have the "truth."

    FYI, apostates have no leader. We have a common bond of having left the JW cult...that's about it.

  • coalize
    You people are brainwashed!!

    again the forgot the beam!!!
  • prologos
    why don't you change your name to dark psyche? drop the MZ. makes more zense.
  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche
    WELL THEN youre right!!! JWS are not the true faith..THEN YOU MUST BE ABLE TO TELL WHO IS....who is?

    1) You should "preface" in the beginning of a paragraph.

    2) What's your point?

    Are you asking someone here for answers that you can't find? Are you just here to say,"JWs are good people. So what if they don't have all the answers!"??

    You seem like you are a bit stressed out. Count to 144,000 and calmly ask one question at a time. You may want to ask only one question per week, or month, depending on your personal circumstances. You can create a mental cacophony (look that up) if you aren't careful. Some persons have spent their entire lives pondering very few subjects, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    As for "false prophets", your bible tells you in very plain terms, at Deuteronomy 18:22, how we should view those people. You have to decide if you believe what you are reading or not.

    Good luck on your journey down the rabbit hole! 🐰


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