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  • dins

    Way to go Cautious. Bet you never thought you would earn a degree. It's almost a bad word in the borg.

    Baptism is such a crock. My sister was baptised at 14 (she's so out now) and my aunt was baptised back in the 50s at an 8 day assembly when she was 12. (Apparently, the assemblies used to be 8 days long...8 am to 8 pm..WOW!!)

    Anyway, after years of being inactive and disfellowshipped, her mother, my grandmother, to another state. My grandmother has been a pioneer for over 50 years. The elders in the new cong told her that she she have NO contact with her disfellowshipped daughter even though well over 25 years had gone by with contact! I was stunned....and if I had any doubts then, I clearly saw how wrong it was.

  • waiting

    hey slip

    I know that these are very petty, uneducated men that get off on lording it over the flock.

    They are no match for me.

    p.s. I have self-esteem issues and consider myself emotionally retarded. Brands that I will carry until I die, thanks to "publishing firm". - Slipnslidemaster

    Oh, I think you sound like you're doing quite nicely on overcoming your self-esteem issues, Slip.

    hey carmel

    I've never read anything nice from you, Sweetpea.......just took me aback for a minute. Are you ok?

    Skeptically trained by twisted sisters - Carmel
    That would explain a lot. chuckle.chuckle.


  • Carmel

    Waiting gorgeous,

    My wife says since we are moving to a new community, I have one more chance to clean up my act, start fresh and not piss off everybody with my sick jokes and irrevrance. Just practicing on you to see what happens...

    Hope the shock didn't run your net nylons!


  • waiting

    hey sweetpea,

    It would do well to heed your wife's *counsel*.

    Men should think again about making widowhood women's only path to power. Gloria Steinem

    Marriage always demands the greatest understanding of the art of insincerity possible between two human beings. Vicki Baum

    Sigh......but it's just not the same ol' carm without a braggering insult with big words I don't understand, ya know?

    The worst aspect of marriage is that it makes a woman believe that other men are just as easy to fool. H.L. Mencken

    Luv ya any way ya be, Big Boy!


  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Welcome to the board Freddi, Dins, and Cautious. Always able to hear echoes of my own thoughts in the new one's who post here!!
    Enjoy your stay!!!!

  • freddi

    hey dins,
    i guess my girlfriend sees me as an apostate. she used to talk to me all the time until i sent forwarded her this site. ever since she does not speak to me at all. i can't understand it at all. nothing broke us up in the past.

  • troucul

    hello folks, first time posting here. been out for a while, just faded away. happy to see my parents doing the same. (dad was an elder for years) someone said awhile ago, (somewhere) the allure of rising through the ranks in the borg appeals to some who don't have alot going for them. I wonder if my dad finally realized he doesn't need that to be respected and admired. he's already a hero in my eyes. anywho, there's alot more to be said as far as my story. willing to share the rest with anyone who'll listen.

    you guys are great


    je pense, donc, je suis

  • troucul

    by the way, i love how the society has been labeled the "borg". was that from star trek? that kills me

    je pense, donc, je suis

  • Cowboy

    Hello! I'll try to be brief as I can. I'm 35,married,3 kids(son 8,son & daghter 22 months). I'm a third generation JW on both sides,never baptised,drifted away when I got out of high school.Never actually been shunned but watched my aunts and uncles do it to their own kids-heartbreaking.Most cousins are out-some are elders-amazing.Was very glad to find this site w/so many similar experiences.After my initial posts I"m not so sure, but I'm gonna try again.

  • outnfree

    Well! Look what happens when you're out busy apostasizing!!! I've been spending less time here lately, and am amazed to see that there are seven who have posted their stories here since I've been away!

    Isn't it just GRAND to be enjoying that freedom to do all the normal things of life without worrying about being second-guessed by the Society?


    Each day I realize a little more that, unlike JW teaching, this world is an amazing and beautiful place.
    AMEN to that, brother!

    I don't consider myself an apostate, either (despite what I said above). The Society uses the word "apostate" in the sense of "heretic" always as someone unfairly and evilly persecuting the Borg (yes, troucul it is an allusion to Star Trek!). We ARE survivors of the strange and surreal world that is JWdom. Many of us are the stronger for it, but what I like about this board is that when we're feeling really stupid about being duped, or down on ourselves for believing the LIES that we just weren't good enough, there are others here to help us recognize our conditioning and help us over the rough spots.

    I agree with Waiting that your seem to have overcome your self-esteem issues. I have always thought your posts to be quite good!

    Now about the emotionally retarded???? Filching Ven's pic for a while there might've been juvenile , but other than that, I've seen no evidence of that "brand" either????

    My husband was never a witness. So my kids have always attended parochial school. Plus I went back to work part-time shortly before my exit. All of which led me to the same conclusion as you: many "people were so much nicer to me than my 'brothers & sisters' were, not at all judgemental."
    Many of us had also been pushing doubts down for years and finally have run from the org. And we have refined our (pardon my french) bullshit meters mightily and thus view commitment as something to weigh very carefully.

    And, speaking about French, troucul,
    Why would you choose "Asshole" for a name????!!!!
    Are you calling yourself an asshole for ever believing any of the WT doctrine, or is there something else we should know about you other than that you're a francophile?
    (I'm glad your Dad is your hero -- warms my heart to hear it!)

    Were some unkind in response to your initial posts? Sorry about that!
    Being a third generation witness it must have been difficult to take your stand NOT to be baptised!!!!
    I have just been disappointed in my former PO and his pioneer wife who did not attend their son's recent wedding (to a non-JW, of course) because he is disfellowshipped. Tragic how the Organization which preaches "God is Love" can produce such hurtful, unloving conduct! I'm glad you have escaped the shunning based on your earlier decision not to commit.

    Welcome, all!
    (who really must check this thread more often! )

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